I like the structure of Colourpuncture Professional training – it takes you from A to Z, it unravels Colourpuncture beauty step by step and the further you go, the more excited you get about the journey as we are getting deeper and farther into all more advanced Colorpuncture offerings.
However….while I can’t stress enough the importance of logic of the structure, there is just one ‘but…’ which can sometimes become a major ‘BUT!!’ in Colourpuncture.

I’m talking about not getting enough practice, experience and observation.

Colourpuncture is a beautiful concept and its theoretical part – as one of Colorpuncture teachers once said on our teachers’s meeting, “when you read Peter Mandel’s text, you are beginning to heal just from reading it” – and I can’t agree more.

And yet, when I learnt Colourpuncture first, I learned it nearly 95% through practice, experience and ‘integration’ – this was just the way the course was organised. I then trained with the Mandel Institute later, and my former academic self rejoiced at the quality, depth and breadth of theory – but by that time I already had several years of intense personal experience and a couple of years of successful clinical practice with Colorpuncture. So I already knew, both from my personal experience and my clinical observations what Colourpuncture can offer.

What I realised with time, teaching our students with the Professional training (when it was just one long and beautiful road, not modular) was that the whole experience may be not quite the same for students who are just starting with Colorpuncture and for various reasons didn’t practice enough.
A big part of a solution arrived in a form of Colourpuncture Modular training. At some point we started to offer professional training on module by module basis which basically allows you to start pretty much at any point during the year (more on the later) and it also lets you start at your personal ‘pain point’ – you can choose to start at the module you need most because of your personal health situation (keeping in mind that ‘health’ is much more than our pains, injuries and physical diseases). This gives you a massive incentive to practice – and you will feel ‘what Colourpuncture does’ for you, immediately. So, while again I’d still advise to consider taking the whole Professional training from Part 1 all the way to Part 12, I also can see big benefits – both healing- and leaning- related, in modular structure.

For example, if you want to treat a physical condition with Colourpuncture: functional, acute or degenerative disorder – you can take Parts 2, 3 and 4, which taken together provide a complete Healing Path. If you like the idea of ‘translating’ 5 Elements of Acupuncture into Colorpuncture, you can take Part 5. If you feel you need to re-frame same old patterns which seem to run you life, then Part 6 could be a great start.

Modular Colorpuncture training addresses one of the major problems – not enough practice, not enough experience, not enough observation (another one is creating a complete healing experience and another one is translating our Colourpuncture insights into a better daily routine and a more aligned lifestyle…).

Here is the video transcript:

“In ‘old times’ we had just one long Professional (Colourpuncture) training – one long road – one long and beautiful Journey. However, some time ago we started offering Colourpuncture in modules. Since we started offering Colorpuncture professional training in modules, two good things happens. Don’t get me wrong: taking the entire training from the first module to the last, getting certified and going into a Colourpuncture practice is still the best route. However! It’s only if you have enough time – and if you have enough time and focus – to actually practice what you learn. Because if you don’t then taking the entire Professional training from the very first module to the last is not for you – because what is going to happen is: you’re going to have a lot of theory; you’re going to learn a lot of stuff and then you won’t be able to actually feel what Colorpuncture did for you personally because you didn’t have time to practice you know – and you didn’t have enough time and probably enough people to observe what Colourpuncture does for other people, so you don’t have any other reference points. And this is not a situation you want to end up with Colourpuncture. So one of the beautiful things which happens with modular training is that you can join the training pretty much at any point (more that later). But you can just take one module; one part. And one module/one part now is two days. And you can just take this part and then you can rejoin the training at any other point; or you can do a couple of modules and then you can take a break – so bottom line is: this is really flexible. So this is first thing; and second good thing is that you can – because again remember Colourpuncture is all about experience; it’s not what you learn, it’s what you experience when you actually put your Perlux on and you start doing Colorpuncture for yourself and only through your experience you can then share and you can learn this way as well; so another beautiful thing here is that you can – start your Colorpuncture training with the module which suits best to your personal health needs at the moment. And when I’m saying ‘health’, it could be physical health; it could be mental health; it could be emotional health; it could be spiritual health; it could be social health – because as we know health is not just physical: very, very far from it. And I would dare to say that even though obviously inflammatory diseases are on the increase; degenerative diseases are on the increase; chronic diseases are on the increase (and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change anytime soon for the reasons we all know). However, mental health and emotional health and psycho-emotional profile of this person in this moment of time is so so much more in focus. Because you can really heal your physical problem with many many means: if you are into pharmaceutical solutions, you can go by this road and sometimes actually this is the only road; Colourpuncture is not a total substitute for pharmaceutical products and surgery: it is not – it is complementary. But if the situation is really difficult, you can start with that and then you can gradually come out of it and you can gradually get on more and more natural means – so many many routes are possible. When we’re talking about emotional health; when we’re talking about mental health – not necessarily we are talking about severe mental diseases but we are talking rather about a huge huge field of very very obscure problems that last couple of years with Covid, with all this instability many people got so much more prone to psycho-emotional disturbances; to anxiety; to depression. Many people lost track of what they are doing and what they want to be doing – and what is even possible for them let alone who they are, where they go and all these fantastic self-realisation questions. So I would highlight that. And coming back to our training, you can really start with the module which suits your immediate health needs. If you are for example joining us at any other module , not at Intro – so we will give you a simple map of where you are; and we will give you simple tests so you will know what to do. You will not be left without any diagnostics; any map of overall picture. No worries about that because each module is now designed in the way it is all available, it’s all there. So the choice is yours but I would come back to the importance of starting where you need to be. You, yourself. Even if you’re a therapist and you want to learn Colourpuncture because you want to develop a Colorpuncture Practice – so you just take the entire Professional training, I want to highlight once again that Colorpuncture starts with you; at home; switching on your Perlux and doing some Colourpuncture every day. Even if this is just one point! Even this is just one point or a couple of points; two minutes – one minute – five minutes, whatever you can do. It will really really put you in a different place after a couple of weeks, trust me.”

This video is a fragment from our October 2022 Colourpuncture Q&A and is a very brief summary of benefits of the modular training – please get in touch with any questions using the form below, I’d be happy to expand on the topic and also help you choose which Part/Module would be best for you in particular to start with.

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