What do you do when your patient isn’t responding to Colourpuncture – or you yourself find it difficult to connect to your body sensations, to your feelings, or you may feel a lot in the body and your emotions but you can’t quite make a full sense of it, you can’t quite get your body felt senses to the level of you conscious awareness? 

There are several therapies in Colourpuncture which can help and one of them is both very important and often overlooked; probably because it looks very simple and we often tend to look for ‘deep’ answers and some complex systems – or simply because there is so much to choose from in Colourpuncture. One of these simple and profoundly effective systems is Info Barriers of the Spine.

This is more of an Advanced Colourpuncture, we look into Info Barriers in details in the Module 7/Module 1 Advanced: we do The Information Barrier on Top of the Skull (2 points) or make these 2 points into 2 lines with satellite points (one of my favourite Colourpuncture treatments, I can’t recommend this one enough!), we do spine projections on the feet and on the hands and there is this lovely info barrier treatment with the Auricular Colourpuncture – all ear Colourpuncture treatments are incredibly relaxing but this one with Th8 gives much more depth than a simply body relaxation/emotional resolution.

We do have a good intro into this principles in the Basic Training (Part 2) with the eight points of the information barrier Th8. Th8 helps to ‘open communication’ between the abdominal and the cranial brains; the connection between feelings and the rational reactions. Th8 is considered to be a universal ‘door-opener’ for all further therapy. 

However, all the vertebrae can be incredibly important as into-barriers. All 26 vertebras form a very special micro-system in Colourpuncture, made of the 26 Information Levels of the Spine. 

I’d go that far as to say that you cannot fully heal any condition without addressing the vertebra counterpart of it at some point. This isn’t usually the very first step as this is more therapy resistance tool. However, if from the very start it’s clear that your patient isn’t particularly responding to your therapy or there was a trauma or a disc problem at any point, then you may consider using this Colorpuncture vertebra microsystem sooner rather than later. As usual, I’d start with spectral colours even though all the vertebras respond well to UV and IR. You need to look up specific colour indications for each vertebra and know the exact side and front point correspondences to use this system, please ask me if you are unsure.  

All 26 vertebras relate to abdomen – head info barrier and yet each has its specific indications, both physical and psychological/emotional/spiritual. 

The points are always arranged in the same way: Three on/around the vertebra, two laterally and three points in front – in an approximately the horizontal plane. Again, it is important to know the exact indications and points locations. 

For each person you treat with Colorpuncture, there will be specific vertebra’s which will be unique problem area for them specifically and this is something you can figure out by comparing their medical history with indications for the individual vertebra. 

However, there are several areas of the spine which usually relevant for most people, for various reasons and Th8 which we learn about in Module 2 is one of them. The others are C1, C7, TH8, TH12, L5, The sacrum. 

In my clinic I often use C1 for example, for different reasons – but it seems that many of my patients need this one. Each vertebrae respond to a particular colour, for example our main info barrier Th8 we do in UV, we can also use Violet instead of UV or Orange as a colour specific to the Th8; we can do Light Turquoise as the next step or more for the Soul level healing. 

Back to the C1 (the colour for the C1 is Violet): 

On a body level we use it for: fear, uneasiness, concentration problems, sleeping problems, headaches, pelvic congestion, lymphatic drainage; problems on the levels of solarplexus, stomach, heart/breath, and high BP. On a more subtle levels, it helps with anxiety, fear, a general sense of confusion, inferiority complex, mental chatter.

This is C1 points and a general idea of how the points can be transferred across – however, you do need to know the exact position for each vertebra’s corresponding side and front point which is something we address in Module 7: Du 16 + satellites points, then on the sides it translates into Laterality points (general points for lymph drainage), in the TMJ. The front point is the pancreas point from Nose Acupuncture + satellites. You can find this treatment in the Module 7. You can do Acupuncture, Acupressure or Piezoelectric stimulation to ‘wake up’ the Qi in the points and then the classic media for this one is IR or UV but I had consistently good results with just spectral Violet. 

Sacrum is another level which is often needed to be addressed as an info barrier – especially for Endocrine cases, and especially so for chronic Endocrine cases or in situations like menopause – the sacrum info points translate (broadly) into Kundalini line area at the front so here we can address anything from emotional turmoil or suppressed emotions, depression states and a sense of loss of personal power to all Ki/Bl problems, sciatica, spastic constipation, reproductive organs problems, physical and psychological menopause symptoms. This is also a Zone of Partnership so all relationship issues can be reached form here; it relates to our Individual Program and so on. 

Any questions, please ask! There is a form below to get in touch. It took time for me to discover, practice and appreciate the beauty of this vertebra microsystem as info barrier treatment in Colourpuncture and it does give really good results; often it lets you tap into a totally new level of looking at the problem you are trying to address – I highly recommend exploring this system 🙂



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