How do you plan your Colourpuncture treatment strategy – the direction you feel you need to take with your patients long-term? They come with a cold symptoms, you give them a ‘cold treatment’, your support their lymphatic and immune systems; they come with an acute emotional problem, you give them a relaxing endocrine treatment or balancing coordination treatment; you support a particular element involved which relates to the dominant emotion they currently experience (stress/anger: Li/GB; fear/overwhelm: Ki/Bl; sadness/grief: Lu/LI; confusion/indecisiveness: St/P/Sp) or/and you give them some elements of Conflict Resolution. But what’s about your long term plan?

According to observation of many people practicing Colourpuncture, you can achieve great results by giving yourself a carefully chosen short sequence of Acupuncture points/Reflex Zones or Lines every day for some time – this way you are not overwhelming the body by ‘asking too many questions’ at once. You can clear see the outcomes as well and decide what works for you and may be repeated with a great benefit in future. With your weekly patients, the week by week choices are a little different because you only see them once a week and usually, you will have to give them a combination of points (lines; zones) which will address all or most of their symptoms; the more pressing symptoms; the pains and so on. Still, when we do a weekly repeat ‘themed’ sequence such as Prenatals, Mother-Father, Conflict Resolution, Transmitter Relays and such, your patients can feel the benefits of Colourpuncture so much quicker and clear; you can see their progress clearer too and so you can support them better and adjust your protocols accordingly to help them to move forwards – all because there is a better focus: “less is more”.

Learning to create – and practice – your Colourpuncture treatment strategy takes time and the best way to start is to experience this first ‘done for you’ by your Colourpuncture teacher or your Colourpuncture therapist if you have your own Perlux and took some introductory classes to use Colorpuncture for day to day self-care. The second step would be to choose several case studies and have support creating the long term strategy for them. What also helps is sharing your experience in a community of people practicing Colorpuncture and hearing about their experience, this is also a great way to learn.

I’m happy to help you with your individual treatment plans based on a defined long term strategy and I feel that even a better way would be to become a part of such community. Check out our Creative Colourpuncture membership (there is 50% off the price till the end of October) and see if this is something you would be interested in.

Please get in touch if you have any questions; if you feel you would like to explore long term Colorpuncture planning and would like to take a guesswork out of your Colourpuncture practice by having a 1:1 session to create your monthly strategy to see how it works, please also reach out. I would love to support you in any way I can so if you are interested, I’m happy to connect for an informal chat – please contact me using the form below.



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