What is the quickest, simplest and most efficient way to get started with Colourpuncture? Unless you start with a training or a short workshop in Colourpuncture (obvious choice) or you want to practice by a book, I’d suggest several steps which will focus fully on you from the very beginning. This way you will learn Colourpuncture by experiencing first what it can do for you and it will only take around 5 min a day of your time and focus. 

Step 1: Invest into your Perlux, Colourpuncture set (we have a choice: ‘flat’ focus and ‘point’ focus and you can also invest in a Combi (this is most cost effective way if you need both). Please connect with me for a free consultation on this I’m happy to advice what would be best for you personally. If you have your Colourpuncture set already, dust it off and put it to a good use 🙂 

Step 2: Choose a problem you would like to address in this particular moment of time and you focus on a resolution of this problem: this can be physical such as headache, PMT, menopause; emotional: un-constructive automatic reactions patterns or chronic troublesome emotion such as grief, fear or anger; psychological problem (boundaries, relationships) or even a spiritual quest question (you sense of Self, clarifying your life path).   

Step 3: Choose a treatment – feel free to ask me for suggestions during your free consultation – consisting of 5 to 10 points which you will repeat every day or so for a while. This treatment should take under 5 min to do and so makes for an easy self care. 

Step 4: While you are giving yourself Light, ‘tune’ into your whole Being and then journal on whatever emotions, feelings, memories, associations, thoughts, solutions, plans are coming up during your treatment and after the treatment. Give every insight some space; don’t judge or dismiss seemingly ‘silly’ or irrelevant. You don’t have to win to get to the bottom of every insight, just observing them and writing them down helps some inner processes to unravel if thus is needed. 

Step 5: Work on translating these insights into your daily life in case of emotional or psychological issues or work of your spiritual quest – or support your remission in case of a physical problem with better lifestyle choices. 

Why this particular sequence of steps? One of the premises of Colourpuncture is: Less is More. Every time we put the colour light on our skin we are asking our body a question in effect and it’s better not to confuse the body with too many questions at one time. 

One is the mechanisms how Meridian therapies such as Acupuncture, Acupressure and Colourpuncture work is by engaging neuroplasticity principle.

Neuroplasticity – broadly – can be described as adaptive structural and functional changes in  the brain; the ability of our nervous system to change its activity (and with that our reaction patterns, thought patterns, behavioural and relating patterns) in response to internal or external stimuli by rearranging its structure, functions, or connections.

Back to Colourpuncture and meridian pathways, every time we put the light on the skin we are asking in effect the body to optimise functioning of a particular organ system to the best of our body’s capacities or change the ‘script’ in our perception of psychological situation. With repetition, we first create and then reinforce new neuronal pathways and we achieve the neuroplasticity effect so a new behaviour is possible, and a physiological function is optimised to the best of our resources. Our mind-body communication improves and we start feeling more connected, more ‘together.’

Colourpuncture originally evolved as a meridian therapy just as Acupuncture and Acupressure but we also work with classic Reflex Zones and various Microsystems and we have a powerful family of Conflict Resolution therapies which address our early conditioning and resulting patterns which is something that is hard to shift by other means. Colourpuncture is an integrative natural therapy and it works on a synergy principle. Good news about Colorpuncture is that it seems to provide a shortcut to solution of our problems as it often acts as a catalyst to processes which other wise would have taken much longer with other therapies or techniques.

From my own experience and my work with people who use Colourpuncture as a self-care – regardless of their level of Colorpuncture education, from somebody who want to resolve just one health issue to somebody who practices an advance Colourpuncture – ultimately, investing in Colorpuncture is more about investing your focus and your time rather than money into your self-care. 

Colourpuncture is an obvious choice for a self care because of its ease of application, simplicity, effectiveness – and ability to create a long lasting and stable remission – because again, Less is More: less points we do but on regular basis and with a better focus, the better effect we are going to achieve. 

Sure, with taking any training in Colourpuncture your knowledge an skills will improve dramatically but here we are talking about getting started with Colourpuncture and from my experience, starting with a simple personalised treatment protocol is the easiest and the best way as you get to see straightaway what Colorpuncture can do for you. Also, as the problem you are working on, is resolving, you can see much clearer which next steps may be needed so if you decide to take any training in Colorpuncture your choice will be much more informed. 

Any questions, I’m happy to help – please reach out using the form below or book your FREE consultation 🙂



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