What/whom or where do you tend to attach your energy to? Your family, your profession, your social circle, something less obvious and more obscure? What do you tend to indulge into? Your career advancement, your family responsibilities, your emotions? How do you tend to cope when things start feeling ‘too much’ – when your passionate energy investment into a certain part of your life or indeed into ‘somewhere’ – and not into yourself or your immediate environment – takes up all your energy?

The questions of where we invest our energy, how we can withdraw our energy if the situation becomes un-constructive or simply when there is a natural life change – and the question of addictions are connected in an interesting way in Colourpuncture ‘Special treatment of Transmitter Relays for Addictions’ (from Colourpuncture seminar ‘Addictions’). My experience with this treatment (beyond it’s direct indications which are addictions) gave very good results for people who were going through some kind of big change in life: change of residence, marital status, profession and such. In most cases, the changes were needed and might have been for the better, but the process of change was difficult. After all, years of our consistent efforts in investing our energy into a certain job, close relationships or even a house tend to create energy ties which can be hard to break. Rarely do we consciously think in these terms but this is how it seems to work – in my experience of communication with my patients in these situations.

If we visualise the process in the way, our task is very simple: we need to withdraw our energy from the space/job/relationship which stopped being constructive or came to a natural end and we need to integrate this energy back into our personal field so it is available to us and/or for a new project/space/etc in future. It sounds simple but it’s not easy: after all, often a big part of our time – and with this a big part of our life – our emotions, feelings and energy were invested into what is in a process of a transition. I found this Transmitter Relays treatment for Addictions really helpful with that. If you are practicing Colourpuncture, let me know what was your experience? How do you support your patients – or yourself – in situations of change?


Genital Relays

Colourpuncture Genital Relays is a special Transmitter Relays therapy which is designed to heal any reproductive health problems/sexual issues/relationships patterns and transform it all, elevating the whole energy of creativity on our life. Genital Relays are also a great help in working on reaching our individual potential and healing anything which holds us back from life we feel we can lead. Please contact me if you are interested to find our more about this therapy. Colourpuncture Genital Relays treatments are done on hands and feet according to Reflexology principles and so are very accessible for self-care at home.


Transmitter Relays ‘Light’

This is my own term for both Transmitters for Addictions treatments (which I tend to give in series of 4, this treatment is also very easy to self give) and even for a longer Genital Relays Transmitters series. They both offer an introduction of a sort into a principle of Transmitters – which is how we elevate transcendence with Colourpuncture into a ‘re-writing the script’ experience which has physical and emotional benefits, offers practical solutions for daily life and supports spiritual awakening. ‘Main’ Transmitter Relays’ Colourpuncture therapy is a big and beautiful event in our life, it requires time commitment and a space for processing, so it has to be planned. Both Transmitters for Addictions (unless they are used for Addictions as such in which case we repeat the treatment as needed until the addictions issue start to shift in a positive direction) and Genital Relays – totally valuable as they are in their own right – also offer a good ‘practice run’ for the main Transmitters is you plan to receive this therapy at some point in future.


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