How to treat an extreme sadness and grief – which is ‘situational’ – with Colourpuncture? On our Colorpuncture Q&A call the question was: “an elderly lady presents with an extreme grief, the missing and the emptiness after a loss of her dog which she got exceedingly attached to over the years. Will Orange – a happy colour of Colorpuncture – be a right choice for treating the Lung meridian (for example stroking the whole meridian with Orange)”? This video fragment is my take on it based on my clinical experience of working with patients who were going through and overcoming excessive emotions related to one of the most difficult life’s situation, a loss and an extreme and prolonged grief associated with it. 


Situational sadness and sadness triggered by associations

There are mainly two types of a situation when I use ‘Colourpuncture Letting Go’ treatment or ‘Colourpuncture Letting Go treatment package’: either acute situational grief or an unprocessed grief in the past which got ‘lifted’ by some other events in person’s life by association. A real life example from long ago: a lady who recently lost her husband and who said she wanted to get over her grief while at the time already being in a happy relationship with someone else. 

A little puzzled, I proceeded with a classic Lu/LI treatment (a ‘Lu/LI Prep’ from Five elements Colourpuncture, Professional training Module 5 if you are a Colourpuncture student). What transpired during the treatment with some dialoguing on my part and some reflection on her part was: a recent loss of her husband trigged a massive and neither fully processed nor integrated grief from the past when she lost her father.  The relationship with her Mum was always difficult for her but she adored her father; he made her feel special. 

This was probably the most bold example of contradictory human feelings but I had several patients with various aspects of a similar story. It is almost always a loss of a parent or other important relative from the past with whom the patient had a very special connection: either a very good relationship or quite the opposite: a relationship which never happened the way it could have happened because of life circumstances or because of specific character traits of one or both parties. Very often it became that ‘turning point’ event which shaped the world view of a patient when either a beautiful connection or an unfulfilled dream of such a connection, lost forever. 


Endocrine Imbalance

In Colourpuncture, we look at the disease development pathway as a slowly widening road from a somewhat innocently looking ‘endocrine insufficiency’ – endocrine imbalance – stage, through the ‘toxic-lymphatic’ stage of a body reaction as an attempt to self-heal, to the endpoint of development, ‘degenerative pattern’ (manifest diseases, stasis). While excessive grief/sadness or exceeding attachment may not look like a ‘disease’ in common terms, this is a very real suffering – and with this a sign of a dis-regulation of some body systems. Addressing endocrine insufficiency to alleviate excessive grief and sadness will also help to regulate the entire body leading to a better health, acceptance and trust – and a better resilience. It’s sometimes hard to tell – especially in cases of a family history of a weakness of a particular organ system (lungs and large intestines in this case) – if endocrine insufficiency precipitates the organ weakness or an inborn weakness causes/aggravates endocrine insufficiency, but my observation of patients often show that they go hand in hand. In the case of the Lungs system, according to TCM we also relate it to an overall strength of Qi, our vital energy and so it’s a direct correspondence (the other two Qi related systems are Kidneys and Spleen). Regardless of the cause-consequence question, the treatment plan is the same: we choose Colourpuncture treatments for endocrine insufficiency and combine them with Lu/LI treatments on the first stage, the ‘letting go’ stage. Proportion of points chosen depends on which misbalance predominates. 

In all cases of working with endocrine system we also need to remember the role our Liver plays in regulating our energy and our hormones so alternate Li/GB treatments are good to stabilise the feeling state. 


A ‘Metal personality’

This is a special case of a person who has either a very strong (and so well used; and so with time  over-used and abused) or a very compromised Metal Element in their physiological build. This can be somebody who is highly creative, somebody whose art or creative projects are very unusual as if it doesn’t quite belong to ‘this plane’. On a body level, this can be somebody with some ongoing problems in the Lung or Large Intestine systems, either on a meridian or organ level. 


Soul and Spirit: the Spinal Stroke 

Creativity – a hallmark of Metal – can provide a real key to healing here and build a bridge in between the most difficult stage of the letting go process and next stage of life. Releasing the attachment to something or someone we lost and re-connecting with our own individual program, our own vital force and trusting the process of life is extremely hard in situations of loss or during the hard times in our life but there is simply no other way. Processing difficult life’s events can take a very long time and consume enormous amount of our energy which will not be available for anything else. 

Colourpuncture can help us greatly to facilitate the process and transcend the suffering, elevating our feeling state to that of acceptance, trust, courage and acknowledging a new stage of life, various possibilities open to us, new beginnings or picking up forgotten projects – when we re-connect with our Inner Self. ‘Spinal Stroke’ is the best starting point; this is a ‘learning to stand on our own two feet’ Colourpuncture treatment. 

Spine is a ‘Soul axis’ in Colorpuncture, it reflects the way stand on our own in the world – it’s hard to overestimate its significance. Kidney/Bladder, the Water Element of TCM is about our vital force, our original energy given to us from birth, from parents and wider family tree; our full potential. Spinal Stroke is also one of Colourpuncture ‘connecting Heaven and Earth’ treatments – connecting our roots with the ‘light’ from above. 

Creative processing and a tangible representation of a past stage of life can provide that much needed completion feeling and moving on.


Time heals 

We don’t know how much time this particular person needs to fully let go of one stage of life and step into the next. Sometimes a single Colourpuncture ‘Letting Go’ session can give remarkable results; sometimes they may need several and sometimes different things will be needed depending on other issues and an overall health picture. It’s better to accept that time is needed as is a full surrender to the process – while doing our best to support the person with Colourpuncture and counselling depending on our skills. 

If the process gets interrupted for various reasons, this may just temporarily ‘lock in’ the grief and sadness: and it’s bound to just go deeper into a person’s field and silently affect them on a background – and it will take its chance to resurface in future triggered by some later events by association. 


Gratitude for the past – and future 

Our focus (and so the flow of our vital energy) in any form of sadness during the letting go stage is on what we had – and then lost. Or we focus on a dream where there was a promise or a beginning but it never manifested the way it was possible or the way we envisioned. The latter may be present is cases of infertility; a change at the early stages in a promising profession and so on. Here it helps to change the focus from what was or what was possible to what we had a positive experience with for which we are grateful – and what is still possible going forward. This may not shorten the letting go process; but it will create a spiritual depth to it and provide a clearer direction. Then the letting go stage will become a difficult but meaningful stepping stone into the next stage of life. 


Sadness, Spirit and Joy

So, here are the steps you can try:

  • Letting Go of that part of our reality which is no longer present (Lu/LI; Metal Element Colourpuncture) 
  • Connecting with the Soul and Spirit with the Spinal Stroke to check in with our own program, vital force and inner resources (Ki/Bl; Water Element Colourpuncture)  
  • Connecting with the Joy of the Heart with Orange colour treatments (Lungs; Heart; Pericardium points) or/and Endocrine treatments. 

Any questions – please reach out using the form below, I’m happy to answer your questions or clarify the treatments details. Letting Go package: if you are a student of Colourpuncture please reach out, I’m happy to share ideas based on your level of training. 

Wishing you good luck with your Colourpuncture practice! 



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Sadness, Spirit and Joy

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