Treating addictions with Colourpuncture can take many forms: from resolving a fear-fuelled cases or situations having roots in a very early life (Prenatals/Birth) to complex cases of ancestry issues – veiled with layers of secrets and involving generations. Personality traits or/and our formative life experiences (0 to 25 years of age) also play a big role in forming a tendency to addictions. And a ‘running away from Self’ aspect of any addiction is an ultimate focus of all Colourpuncture treatments for addictions, directly or indirectly. 


Colourpuncture treatments for addictions 

Fear related addictions are very common and can be resolved on a physical level with Colourpuncture  treatments for Kidneys/Bladder system, Water Element according to TCM. Acupuncture-based Kidneys/Bladder ‘preparation’ treatments with Colorpuncture; Colourpuncture specific ‘Ki/Bl Function Circles’ therapy, and good old ‘Fear treatment’ on face in combination with the Spinal Stroke (‘Release of Spine and Pelvis’) give excellent results and should be the first step in treatment of any addictions even if the fear part is not immediately obvious. In cases of therapy resistance here we can use Colourpuncture Shadow Ear Rhythms and Grey fields for 5 Elements on the spine. These are our Professional training Module 5, ‘Five Elements Colourpuncture’ therapies. Five Elements Colourpuncture is also good in cases of ‘favourite poison’ – addictions which are (TCM) Element-specific.

Prenatal therapy and Birth therapy are the very next step and a great choice when there is a Prenatal story and/or no obvious reasons or triggers for addictions (such as situational, when there is a crisis or a difficult period in person’s life which they struggle to cope with). Here we have a rather permanent tendency of the person ‘not being quite present’, as if being ‘somewhere’ alongside the addiction. These are addressed with our Professional training Module 6 and 8, ‘Conflict Resolution’ therapies. 

A special day-long Colourpuncture Addiction seminar provides therapies and treatments for more complex situations such as ancestry issues, formative life experiences and more. 


Mind the groove

The bottom line is: Colourpuncture offers varied and multi-level help for treating addictions and a remission from addictions is real. The question remains: what’s next? 

Sometimes, no further steps are needed and the remission from addictions is life long.

Sometimes, ‘life happens’ in a way that the demands of the situation greatly exceed the real or perceived mental, emotional of physical resources of the person. This is a potentially dangerous situation as with a long lasting or severe pressures and lack of support the person may be tempted to go back to a familiar habit. This is a point that a therapist needs to be aware of, prepared to support the person in a space of no judgement, compassion and practical solutions. Very often a simple ‘reminder’ treatment or two with Colourpuncture, a repetition of what worked for this person in the past is enough to remind the body: yes, there is a ‘groove’ for addiction (many times running in generations), but there is also a chosen, an intentional new pathway in the body-mind through meridian network for healing and reaffirming a conscious choice.

Please watch the entire playlist for a better picture on ideas of how to treat addictions with Colorpuncture. Any questions – please reach out using the form below, I’m happy to help.



Here is the video transcript: “One last thought about addictions: so for example, you have somebody who had addictions; you you treated them with one of those (Colourpuncture) therapies; they healed from addiction – addiction is no longer there and so so on. I would always be very mindful of the situation in future when this person goes into a prolonged stress or a prolonged illness or something else of a crisis type of thing happened to them. Because the potential for addiction – potential for anything we heal with any other technique; is not relevant just for Colourpuncture, but for absolutely everything else – potential for this, it’s almost like this groove; even so now it’s totally not not used so to speak, it’s still there. Because the potential for it is most probably in our ancestry and under certain situations – like for example a prolonged stress or illness – any situation where the demands of the situation are much greater than the resources of the person (sometimes the situation is very mild but the person is really tired; they just work too much and then something happens) and this is this proverbial ‘last straw’ and they cannot hope; because they functioned before but that was the last straw and they pick up drinking or smoking or they really go back into this overwork mode and you know they almost switch on this ‘death program’ and they trying to work work work. So I would always make sure that if you have a patient with addiction whom you helped with addictions – with with healing of addictions – and they seem to be in remission, I would always always always encourage them to contact you and be mindful of the situation like that in future so they know that they can come and get (Colorpuncture) help proactively if there is a situation like that.”


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