What is the main reason for addictions? Family ‘traditions’?  A desire to escape from this highly imperfect world? Unresolved pains and traumas of our own earlier years? Addictions is a complex problem and generally the one hard to treat – precisely because very often, there is a real mixture of reasons so it’s often difficult to find ‘the roots’. Luckily, Colourpuncture offers us an elegant solution: there is a possibility to address all these possible reasons, ‘under one roof’.

If you ever looked for a one-stop, comprehensive approach to treatments of Addictions, look no further: Colorpuncture ‘Addictions’ seminar has the answers we need. The Ancestry. The sparkling and illusive realm of Neptune and Pisces high creativity. And our own Life Script, the way we experienced life before we were 25… ‘Addictions’ seminar by Peter Mandel is one of my favourite CPD training courses in Colourpuncture. It’s just so rich. It answers so many questions. It’s so interesting in concepts – and in an array of treatments. Colorpuncture ‘Addictions’ takes you on a real personal Journey. While any Colourpuncture treatment can offer us a taste of it all, this course is just designed in a great way. It’s a one day training for Colorpuncture therapists and it’s a very advanced level of Colourpuncture. If you are in doubt whether of not this training is suitable for you, please get in touch (there is a contact form below), I’ll be happy to discuss this with you.

Here is the video transcript 🙂

“More advanced level of working with addictions and habits and compulsions: in Colourpuncture we have a specific training – it’s a one-day training – it’s called ‘Addictions’. If you’re only starting in Colorpuncture, this is not something suitable for you because there are many concepts there which you cannot grasp. Having said that, if you are only starting with Colourpuncture and if you have somebody with an addiction problem – or you yourself have an addiction problem – then basically you can consider taking this training (Colorpuncture ‘Addictions’) sooner rather than later. On this training we work on several levels. So, the first level is level of ancestry. Usually what is called addictions or addictive personality is something that ‘runs in the family’. Quite possibly that this is something that didn’t develop just within one individual lifetime; so quite possibly there were several generations of people who were ‘indulging’ in some kind of addictions. And sometimes it would be so carefully hidden… so for example, you’re coming from a family of people who ‘work hard’. And then what you find with these people – they can live their entire life and then they can die without having spoken to their family members on a Soul level, ever. And is it not an addiction?? And then there are people who get retired and then they totally lose meaning of their life because their very identity was so tied in with ‘hard work’ and they just cannot face retirement. (This is) especially true with men somehow. Because for women – and particularly if a woman was involved with children and the house – it is different, because there is some degree of ‘part-time’ involvement. With my particular family, with my parents it was completely different – it was totally the other way around. Because my father had a lot of hobbies; always always lots of hobbies, and for him the retirement was like “Yes, bring it on! I can finally dedicate myself to all this gardening and beekeeping!” And for my mom was very very difficult because even though she was involved with the house and she was an amazing housekeeper her primarily identity was that of work and that was very difficult for her. But usually on average I observe this with men. And people ‘work hard’ and then they suddenly from coming from this place of a very high engagement – and if you think about it in terms of Soul Spirit – that when you are placing your energy and your focus consistently, most of the time ‘somewhere’ and not inside yourself or not within your immediate environment, then suddenly you find yourself at home; retired 100%; you probably don’t know what to do because you didn’t develop any hobbies. Or, very often relationship problems come out – this couple who used to function perfectly because the man typically was at work all the time and the woman stayed home and with children, suddenly they are together. And whatever conflicts they had in whichever little form – which they didn’t even get to talk about because they could always just go to their separate domains and this will resolve the question, suddenly they are together. And this could be interesting but obviously it isn’t fun for a couple. When something like that happens – if you think energetically what is happening – we are coming from a level of a very high investment of our energy into the ‘somewhere’, into this energy just staying with us and we don’t know what to do with it because again sometimes we cannot be properly ‘integrated’ on a level of Body, Soul and Spirit. And so we cannot quite commit to this life and to this body in terms of being – and this is why we spent the whole lifetime doing… because it’s much easier to DO something: because you can see it; you get praised for it; and there are social expectations. So it could be really really interesting to come from this perspective. With addictions (patients) I would always talk; I would take a very extensive medical history -because you really need to clarify what is the reason for addictions. Work in this example but it could be a family where everybody drinks; or everybody smokes; or plays cards. In some cases it could be a really innocent habit which a person picked up temporarily in order to cope with a particularly stressful situation; particular several years or several months of huge stress – and they drink much more. And then the situation calms down and they start drinking less – so this is not an addiction as such because for them it was obviously just a short-term coping mechanism. It wasn’t great but it was not a proper addiction. The second level we work on the ‘Addictions’ (Colourpuncture) training is a more advanced Colorpuncture. So this is not something that obviously will make sense for you if you’re not familiar with concept of Greek Medicine because in the traditional Greek Medicine they looked into all those things. So, when there is a Pisces influence and basically there is this tendency to escape; there is a tendency to escape into this Ideal World which ‘should be’ but which isn’t. So people have trouble relating to ‘what is’ because their surroundings, their immediate surroundings or the world at large seem to be too hostile for them. These are just too harsh and they are very very sensitive Souls. So very often this is the case with people who are highly creative – musicians; artists; creative people. So probably that explains why in certain industries this is more prevalent than in others. There are treatments for that in Colourpuncture when we work on more bodily correspondences for Pisces and Neptune. So we talked about family; we use the treatment which is more or less broadly can be seen as a substitute of Family Constellation technique in Colorpuncture. And the beauty of this particular treatment is that you can actually DIY it – it’s all on your fingertips so you can do it – fingers sorry – so you can do it on yourself so this is really beautiful. Neptune treatments you can do on yourself because they are all done on face (most of them). And there is also a third approach in this ‘Addictions’ (Colorpuncture) training: from a perspective of ‘Transmitter Relays’. Now, Transmitter Relays is a famous treatment in Colourpuncture. It’s a therapy; it’s a huge therapy within one treatment many many points and zones and circles, it’s a long treatment – and it’s long in terms of sequence, you need to have at least 10 or 12 Transmitters. Transmitter Relays therapy is designed to ‘reframe’ the whole experience from a level of body – remember, Peter Mandel calls Colorpuncture a ‘non-verbal psychology’ – so we are working through the skin; we’re working through the Body; through the meridian and other energy pathways in order to talk to the Soul and Spirit. Transmitter Relays in particular are designed to reframe our experience from birth which is zero years of age to 25. And 25 is the age of our ultimate maturity: physical; emotional; psychological; social; spiritual. Before we are 25 on a level of brain rhythms we are not quite completely adults no matter how interesting it sounds (because we all believe that we are very grown up at 16…). The premise here is that whatever happens after 25 is a repetition of something that went on before. Working long term with a patient and you observing their life history, you can see a repetition of their main internal conflicts which they acquired before the age of 25 repeated in a different shape and form. It’s almost like people really go for what is called ‘traumatic reenactment’ – they try to somehow create or somehow they manage to attract a situation which is similar to the situation which was traumatic for them before 25. And they’re unconsciously trying to resolve the situation – with better resources at this time when they’re grown up. The intention of life is very very constructive but often it doesn’t find its outlet. Very often we just attract this type of situation but we are not equipped with tools. We are in a better power for sure than when we were children but sometimes we lack spiritual maturity if you wish to fully go for a resolution of the conflict on a conscious level. And this is where Colourpuncture comes in because basically we talk with the body – through the body, with the soul – through the body and then we reframe it through the body on a level of this ‘non verbal psychology’.
I would always talk a lot with people when they’re going through the Transmitter relays’ therapy process and it’s a huge process and it’s very interesting because as a therapist you also go on transmit your journey with your patients – this is remarkable!”

This is a video fragment from our October 2021 Colorpuncture Q&A, please watch the entire playlist for other options for treatment of addictions from a foundational Addictions: Kidneys/Bladder, through Addictions: ‘Somewhere’ (Prenatal space) and Addictions. Emotions. Elements all the way to Addictions: Running from Self (coming soon).

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