What is the first thing you automatically reach for when you have a headache or feel very tired – but don’t have the luxury of resting and ‘taking it easy’? For me, for many years of all-consuming work and bringing up a young family (on a background of persistent health issues and other challenges) it was pain killers for headaches and more coffee for overcoming the tiredness. My pain killers intake would go up in quantity, frequency and strength of ingredients as headaches were really bad. The energy question was a gamble of carrying on regardless and coffee, just more coffee. The pain killers felt like a slippery slope. Coffee felt like a borrowing from tomorrow….

When I read/watch some (wonderful, inspired) young women – business gurus – repeating “be more efficient, learn to sleep less, have more coffee”, I feel physically bad. I’ve been there, I’ve done it all. Sometimes I feel that my career in science, beautiful as it was for so many years, ended in a big part because of just overdoing it. Sure, I since attempted to repeat the whole cycle starting the business – after all, this was my only behavioural model: ‘just work harder’. Luckily I ended up in natural health industry and even though I witnessed many of my great teachers still relying much on hard work, some medications for pressing issues and coffee, a general attitude here is different: there are softer, milder solutions and an awareness of a simple balance. Balance of life and work, giving and receiving energy, day and night, Yin and Yang…

Awareness alone doesn’t guarantee that you will do what is best for you; but it guarantees that you know what is right for you and how to do it – and so when the time is right, you will just start doing what you need. Without this awareness, working knowledge and practical skills, we are risking to spend our entire life very far from our deeper Self and Soul, and not aware of and not being able to address our Body’s needs, pains, aches and tensions.

Coming back to a question of what we are reaching for when we need a ‘quick fix’, it depends. Colourpuncture with its amazing protocols ‘Migraine 1’ and ‘Migraine 2’ addresses most of cases of strong, frequent, stubborn and long term headaches. It did this for me and it did it for many patients. After an initial breakthrough, there are many solutions for random and mild headaches and Oil Relax is by far the easiest and most effective one. All you need to do is to apply a couple of drops to your temples (for lateral or side headaches) or to the back of your neck in the area of Acupuncture points Bladder 10 or Gall Bladder 20, depending which points are most pressure sensitive (for back of the head headaches). It goes without saying that if you have any headaches, you need to consult with your doctor first, but if (with a likelihood of over 90%) you will be given “there is noting wrong with you/this is all stress related/this is normal” answer then Oil Relax is your friend.

Energy/tiredness/fatigue question is more complex: some people naturally have less energy (Qi or/and Jing deficiency in TCM) and/or more intermittent energy patterns (which often may be connected with fluctuating blood sugar levels or oxygen saturation); some suffer from entangled or suppressed energy (Liver Qi stagnation in TCM); some suffer form excess toxicity, food, medications, environmental and others; some have poor quality sleep. There is Yang deficiency tiredness in the morning and Yin deficiency tiredness in the afternoon and so on. However, Oil Relax application on your inner wrists will always provide a pick-me-up the you need it, while you are looking more into causes for your tiredness and creating long term, sustainable solutions for life-work balance and better sleep.

There are many other uses for the Oil Relax, both with Colorpuncture and on its own, with most prominent ones using the Oil Relax as an everyday help with joints, back and muscle pains and our amazing Dreamwork, more on this shortly.

Here is the video transcript 🙂

“We can use the Oil ‘Relax’ in three ways. First, ’emergency’ use or ‘first aid’. For example, you have a headache and you need to go somewhere – you cannot just lay down in a dark room, have a cup of tea and relax – you have to do something and even though it’s obviously always advisable if you have pain of any kind just to take it easy and let body to relax, admittedly it’s not always possible – talking about people who work, mothers with young children and so so on. So this is one example; another example: you’re driving somewhere, you’re feeling very very tired; you’re pulled up, you had your coffee and it’s still not helping. So what you do – you take the Oil (‘Oil Relax’) and you put a couple of drops on your wrists; you do this, you smell the oil and it really helps you. It helps you because it sort of revives your energy for quite a lot of time ahead so you can rely on it – in any situation like that. This is more or less ’emergency’ use, so you are presented with a situation, you need to react quickly and this is your helper. I keep one in my bedroom; I keep one in my Clinic; I keep one in my car and one in my bag – just in case. It might seem like I use it very often – I don’t actually. I used to suffer from massive headaches, very frequent. And in my 20s I was on an increasing dosage of medications in terms of frequency of using the tablets and heaviness of ingredients. And at some point I did Colourpuncture – and it was actually a magic effect. So now my headaches, sometimes when they come – they come when there are changes of weather, tiredness or something like that. So this is not often enough for me to take any other action rather than random use of Oil – and this really helps. Oil (Relax) will always help with pain or relaxation, it’s whether or not it will help to a degree you want and on a sustainable basis – this is a question.”

This is a video fragment from our Cafe Self Q&A February 2023, any questions – please reach out using the form below.


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