Have you ever heard this expression (typically said after someone leaves the room…): “He/she is not quite here, isn’t he/she”? While this is as obscure description as it can get, it’s also surprisingly apt and everybody can relate to the meaning. When the person is distracted we may say ‘all over the place’; when somebody doesn’t understand/pretend not to what we are trying to convey, we may say ‘not quite with it’; when the person appears dreamy/preoccupied with something, we may say ‘head in the clouds’ or ‘miles away’ or ‘absent-minded’. But none of these describes somebody whose very presence in the room emanates that ‘somewhere’ feeling.

In the language of Colourpuncture, this is somebody with a ‘Prenatal’ issue (Prenatal meaning time around birth and time in utero); more specifically when the Soul/Spirit is not fully integrated in the Body. Now, not everyone with this ‘somewhere’ aura around them will have addictions, but they might – often just in a shape of this same ‘not being fully here’ but being ‘addicted’ to this ‘other’ world, whatever the other world may be. There is this feeling of fear, anger, dissatisfaction and hopelessness about this world and human condition which people with Prenatal issue resulting in addictions feel are so beyond their control, that it’s not even worth trying to change anything. Instead, there is a need to escape to the other world which feels ‘safe’, where we have all the power – the ideal world even if in our illusions.

When treating addictions, we always focus on Prenatal therapy as a potential key to a resolution, but we still have to start with the level of the body, the Kidney/Bladder system (TCM) and this usually creates a marked progress – and in some cases, a complete resolution. Kidney/Bladder system, the ‘Water’ TCM element supports our life long movement from Fear to Trust. This world is complex – and so is human life in this world. These matters are far beyond our comprehension. Yet, we thrive to understand the world and find the answers about our place in it and meaning of our life. This seemingly unresolvable conflict in our perception has just one solution: trust. Trust in the process of life; trust that we are being supported; trust that we will find the answers which we need and find our Path.

Colorpuncture treatments for Kidney/Bladder system on the body level are invaluable for developing this internal trust while containing the fear within the borders of its safety-supporting functions. This remarkable feeling of deep relaxation – emotionally and physically – which they give is hard to achieve by other means. It’s like feeling that you arrive home, within your body; you get comfortable there and everything feels like how it should be. On the Soul Spirit level, Prenatals take us to a different level of perception altogether, which is hard to describe in words. Perhaps, the most telling effect of this therapy is the feeling of unexplainable light, happiness and yes, trust, which comes internally when absolutely nothing changed in the external situation of the person. You just become suddenly confident that you can do anything; you have this feeling of ‘flying above the ground’ and a wonderful warmth and appreciation towards yourself – which is also a feeling of arriving home but this time also with delight, elation almost and freshness of all senses. Prenatals which is Colorpuncture version of a ‘re-birth’, does give this ‘born again’ feeling – you finally feel that you are yourself, you now have yourself, you are with yourself.

Prenatals therapy targets the space of our birth, our time in utero, time around conception and time soon after birth – the very same space that Metamorphic Technique, on which Colorpuncture Prenatal therapy is based, aims to reframe. Many cases of addictions will be fully resolved here. However, sometimes the inner conflicts which led to addictions are repeated in generations in the same family; sometimes the core problem is hidden in a process of further development of the person and sometimes it seems that some people are just more predisposed to developing what is called ‘an addictive personality’ than others. This is more a case of a systemic problem, beyond boundaries of an individual life. In Colourpuncture we have a wonderful training (1 day CPD seminar) called ‘Addictions’ which gives therapeutic keys to resolving an addiction problem on this systemic level – more on this soon.

Ultimately, an issue of addictions brings us to a question: where is our energy?  Often additions just reveal a misplaced focus or flow of our energy: we direct our energy either on the external or on ideal world; ‘somewhere’ – anywhere but not anchored in the place of power, which is here and now; in this world; in this situation; in this body, in this lifetime.

Here is the video transcript 🙂

“Next level is obviously the level of ‘Prenatals’ (Colourpuncture therapy from ‘Conflict Resolution’ family of treatments) because every time we are talking about addictions, there is something missing; there is some kind of integration between Body, Soul and Spirit is missing in the Prenatal space. And it’s almost like you know there are sometimes those people – you look at them and you feel: ‘they’re not quite here’… And it’s not like they are temporarily distracted; they’re just ‘somewhere’. And not only they are not with you – they are not with themselves. And I know it’s difficult to explain but I think everybody can relate to what I’m talking about – you just have this feeling around some people. And there is a saying that the Soul is not (or Spirit), the Soul Spirit construct is not quite integrated in the Body. It’s almost like the Soul is not quite committed hundred percent to this body and to this lifetime. The Soul is obviously in the Body, or around the Body, but it’s not quite fully committed. It’s like “this is my body; this is my lifetime; I’m leaving it fully; I’m committing to it and I’m making my mistakes; I’m just going and I’m living my life, whatever it brings me” – for some people it’s not happening… And so with this level when there are clear indications like that or there were those Prenatal problems, especially when the child was unwanted or there was a disagreement between parents, anything on this deep level – definitely Prenatals. Definitely (Colorpuncture) Prenatals will be needed to resolve an addiction if there a problem on this level, which is the next step because I would still start first with Kidney Bladder system and with ‘Fear’ treatment plus ‘Spinal stroke’ we talked about, first and then I would proceed with the Prenatals. In this order, because then and only then body will be strong enough to react to a more subtle therapy such as (Colourpuncture) Prenatals.”

This video is a fragment from our October 2021 Colourpuncture Q&A, please watch the entire playlist (to be continued) for a better picture. Any questions – please get in touch using the form below. If you are interested in learning a short and simple yet very effective ‘Fear treatment’ on the face with Acupressure or Colourpunture, please contact me, I will happily share.



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