The Question : “How you can use knowledge of Metamorphic Technique combined with knowledge of Colour Indications for Intuitive Use of Colours in Colourpuncture?”

The Answer: this is a question on more specific use of colours in Colourpuncture from our recent FREE Colourpuncture Q&A session from Colourpuncture Academy. Here are some key points from the video with some further explanations .

There is a Simple Use of Colours in Colourpuncture which we always use when having to choose a colour. There are some rules on using colours in Colourpuncture, for example, using Warm and Cold Colours when there is an existing ‘Heat’ or ‘Cold’ condition in TCM terms, here is an explanation of how to take colour ‘temperature’ into account.

Here the question was: “How you can use your knowledge of Metamorphic Technique with Colourpuncture?”.  The answer to this question is very simple. We have this absolutely fantastic, beautiful, deeply relaxing and very effective treatment called Prenatal Therapy which on a very simple level, at the first step of a longer sequence includes treatment of Prenatal Lines. Prenatal Therapy originated from Metamorphic Technique by Robert St John.

Prenatal Therapy as a whole sequence is one of my absolute favourite in Colourpuncture: it did a lot for me when I received it and I have had 9 out of 10 success with it. Prenatal Therapy gives you abundant gifts which all result in you coming back to yourself as you never remember yourself – totally self acceptance, recognising your gifts and talents, feeling totally relaxed in your skin and so much more. But even a very short version of it, treatment of Prenatal Lines which we do as one of the several steps of Prenatal Therapy sequence can have major effects especially if you repeat it.

Prenatal Lines can be very easily done. It’s better not do Prenatal Therapy or Prenatal Lines on yourself (if you have no other choice due to yourself but the same as in Metamorphic Technique you sort of ‘short cut’ the Qi a little bit so it’s better if you have somebody to exchange it with).

Here we are basically stroking a main line from Metamorphic Technique with a Violet colour and then you’re stroking the line opposite to it – on the outer side of the foot – with a Yellow colour. And then you can also stroke the line in between, which goes from Acupuncture point Stomach 41, from the middle of a dorsal foot crease to the nailed at the tip of the third toe you’re stroking in Orange Colour.

In Colourpuncture we call an original Metamorphic line, a ‘Prenatal line’ of Metamorphic a ‘Spirit line’; opposite line we call the ‘Body line’ and the line in between we call the ‘Soul line’. In Metamorphic we start with the right foot; in Colourpuncture we start with the left foot. We do all left foot first; all three lines and then we do all right foot; or, you can do Spirit line left – Spirit line right – Soul line left – Soul line right – Body line left – Body line right, because different people have different preferences so you do have uh room for manoeuvre here.

So this is how you can translate your knowledge of Metamorphic technique into Colourpuncture – and this is a really beautiful, relaxing treatment and this is one of the major treatment for better sleep. So if you just do this treatment – you just stroke the lines – there’s no absolutely no need to do the points; you can do it on children (including small children you just use less exposure to light that’s all) and you can use it for elderly people, you can use it for absolutely everyone and this is a really really good relaxing treatment.

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