Have you noticed…that it is when we are in our most joyful and relaxing states and a focus of our attention naturally shifts internally connecting our Daily Self with our Inner Self better (as we care less about our focus-consuming duties and responsibilities) that sometimes (first-hand experience…) we suddenly realise/feel/notice this vague background feeling which clouds somewhat our experience of life?

Many times this vague feeling is called ‘Anxiety’.

Anxiety comes in all shapes and forms…

There is generalised anxiety, a non-specific anxiety: we react on anything which remotely signals ‘danger’ (a spider; an aircraft; an enclosed space; an open space; a stranger on the street; a raised voice of a family member..…).

And there is a specific anxiety which shows up only in certain situations:

  • social anxiety (this may also include very specific situations such as business networking, I’m surprised every time when confidently looking business people admit they are highly anxious entering a room full of strangers regardless of repeat exposure)
  • performance anxiety: anxiety of not doing enough, not being enough, not experiencing enough, the FOMO….
  • this list is truly (and worryingly…) endless!

There is a ‘normal’ little daily anxiety: ‘will I be on time to complete my tasks? will I perform well in my job? will I manage to maintain peace in my family/my head and order in my house?’; ‘will I?? won’t I?? will they? won’t they???’

And there is deep seated anxiety which seems to have made a nest in the body and it just lives there, always on, and from time to time it flares up upon some (often minimal) external trigger or some random internal thought process.


Treating Anxiety with Colourpuncture

Luckily, when it comes to treating anxiety, the principles are the same and in Colourpuncture we have some simple and highly effective treatments. First, we do something simple and obvious – such as in case of Acupuncture and Colourpuncture, ‘Endocrine’ treatments.

Endocrine treatments balance our Autonomic Nervous System which ultimately controls our ‘fight or flight’ and ‘rest and digest’ automatic responses. Colourpuncture Endocrine treatments will help in most cases of anxiety. In cases which need further therapies (Prenatal therapy and Advanced Confclit Resolution therapies) we will still come back to Endocrine treatments – after addressing the Conflict resolution part of the process – to maintain smooth functioning of our endocrine system; so it’s totally worth learning/remembering your ‘anxiety-endocrine’ points.

In our recent Colourpuncture Q&A we discussed various treatment options looking into a particular case. Here is Part 1 video excerpt ‘Treating Anxiety with Colourpuncture’ from our Colourpuncture Q&A session.

Hope you’ll enjoy watching it and find it helpful – any questions, please get in touch, we are here and happy to help! Look out for the Part 2 which will focus on an interesting case: Treating Anxiety with Colourpuncture: Step 2, Prenatal therapy.


Learn Endocrine treatments for Anxiety and more

Here is where you can learn Endocrine treatments which help treating anxiety and much, much more:


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