If we are to summarise the underlying issue with all addictions – regardless of poison of choice, it will be ‘relying on an external resource’. Which means that consciously or not, we believe that we are not enough on our own to resolve our problems; create an order and meaning in our life; hold enough power to positively manage our life’s situation and simply feel that a good part of our life is a Joy. Which further means that we are not really connected with our Inner Self – our Spirit, our personal invisible inbuilt North Star – to give us an adequate strength and guidance. Unconsciously, we are running away from our Self (weak; unreliable; vague; conditioned into powerlessness or self-hate) and into some external distraction; a quick fix; a feel-good state; the ‘somewhere’.

There are clear steps when treating addictions; these are the results of observation and experience in my Clinic – and every step makes a perfect sense from the point of view of both Colourpuncture and Acupuncture. We build our bodily strength first (supporting Kidneys-Bladder), we re-visit our Prenatal space to connect with our Spirit and so better integrate our Body, Soul and Spirit so we are aligned; in integrity; at home within ourselves; on the Path and then we address the problem from a systemic angle (such as ancestry; a bigger whole; our journey of maturing through the interaction with our environment). If we go in this order, at some point we will just hit the core issue and the problem will be resolved. For some, it will be on the level of balancing body energies; for some, it will be during an intentional ‘re-birth’ and for some, it will be a redrawing our unique place in the systems we are part of. Where our personal resolution resides when treating Addictions with Colourpuncture and beyond is impossible to predict; but an inspiring and empowering Journey to take.

Here is the video transcript 🙂

“To summarise, (Colourpuncture treatment of Addictions) level one: I would do ‘Fear’ treatment on the face and ‘Spinal Stroke’ on the spine: Du Meridian and Bladder Meridian. As a second step, I would do (Colorpuncture) Prenatals – I would do Prenatals in different shape and form: Colourpuncture, (Esogetic) Crystals. As a third step, I would have taken one day ‘Addiction’ (Colourpuncture) training because then you can choose from all this beautiful array of treatments which are coming to treat addictions from three very distinct, very different angles. And this is beautiful because addictions could be a really difficult problem to solve and we need all the tools we can find. If you go in this sequence – obviously you talk with the person; you talk with them you engage them, they need to become an active participant of the process because they need to become interested in themselves. Because again part of the addiction (problem) is they’re trying to run away from who they are – and we need to bring them back to who they are; so they can start actually feel who they are; they can start accepting who they are; they can start to enjoy who they are and be proud of who they are – and from this point they might not need this addiction.”

This is a video fragment from our October 2021 Colorpuncture Q&A, please watch the entire playlist for other options for treatment of addictions from a foundational Addictions: Kidneys/Bladder, through Addictions: ‘Somewhere’ (Prenatal space) and Addictions. Emotions. Elements all the way to Running from Self.

Any questions – including getting started on a simple and effective ‘Fear’ Colorpuncture treatment protocol – please get in touch using the form below. If you feel that running away from Self rings the bell, join us in Cafe Self for deep inner work or if you feel that a systemic view holds the answers, join us for an online ‘Addictions’ seminar.



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