Do you dream at night? What do you do when you wake up remembering your dream (or some tiny snippets of it)? Do you just register ‘this was a good/bad/repeat/insightful dream? Do you do any dream analysis to figure out the meaning of your dream – and message the dream holds for you? Are you familiar with ‘intentional dreaming’ – using your dream time at night to have a dream which may hold the answer or the key to a problem which doesn’t quite go well with logic, analytics and the like? Do you sleep well, deep and enough to create time for these REM stages when you dream?

Nearly everyone have dreams they can recall but not so many people do any kind of ‘dreamwork’ – whether referring to (too simple and too generalised) dream interpretations or (too complex) Jungian dream analysis. Even less of us are aware of ‘intentional dreaming’ – using reflex zones on the skin specifically related to dream activity, to ‘target’ a particular area of life, health or Self. ‘Zone of Memory’ connects us with deep memories of our Self, our inner light; ‘Zone of Partnership’ gives us insight into our important relationships in life as a reflection of our relationships with our Self; there are zones of ‘Full Potential’, ‘Feelings and Intuition’ and many more.

The problem with off-the-shelf dream interpretation is that our dreams are unique to us; they reflect an inner fabric of our Being which is constantly being made out of our life experience; early conditioning; ingrained patterns and unique associations – so by definition, dream analysis can only be very personal and each symbol we see in the dream has a unique association for each of us. The problem with a beautiful achievement of a research on human dreams – Jungian dream analysis – is that it’s too complex to be used by anyone but a trained therapist and so it isn’t suitable for daily self care.

I was lucky to come across a simplified version of Jungian dream analysis on my first Colourpuncture training and then I saw various attempts by personal development authors to simplify the script – all of them retained the very essence of it which could be easily used for self care with some initial guidance and practice. I used this simple dreamwork script a lot in my Colourpuncture Clinic and over the years I came up with my own simple version based on common patterns and stumbling blocks my patients experienced during our dream analysis sessions (which I tend to do before a Colourpuncture session). Even if unfinished and not 100% understood, the meaning of the dream has a chance to be fully unveiled during Colourpuncture part of the session.

If you are fascinated by dreams, see too little or too many of them or have difficulties sleeping, do yourself a favour and join us on one of our ‘Dream Yourself Together’ dreamwork challenge workshops. You will sleep deeper, you will learn to relax and take daily action based on your talents and gifts and learn and practice a simple dream analysis script which you will then use for the rest of your life to tap into a magical potential of your dreams anytime you wish.

Any questions – please get in touch using the form below, I’m happy to answer any questions you may have 🙂

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