When we use Colourpuncture for physical symptoms, the most likely outcomes will be relief from pain, easing the symptoms and a long remission – depending on the problem and amount of treatments we do. With Soul Spirit Colourpuncture, we can expect coming in touch with our emotional needs; understanding, accepting and organising our ‘undigested’ life experience; uncovering our deeply ingrained patterns of reaction/behaviour/thoughts and generally starting seeing our life more in 3D and colour. We will also start seeing ourselves  more objectively. Sometimes, however, for various reasons such as therapy resistance; a long history of suppressed emotions/feelings, denying our deep needs or/and un-constructive early life conditioning, we become ‘closed’ – we feel something during or after our Colourpuncture sessions but this ‘something’ doesn’t get to the level of a clear feeling or conscious understanding. 

Sometimes, our health problem or life situation is more complex; a classic example would be a family history of same/similar disease or reaction/behaviour pattern – or indeed a life situation may involve other people (with us being on a receiving end of some disharmony which we can’t not resolve on the level of our individual Self). How do we approach these situations? How do we make our Colourpuncture experience more ‘complete’?

Different therapists use different tools depending on their previous training, experience and personal preferences. I came to use dreamwork and journaling in my Colorpuncture practice over the years. Personally, journaling is my very first ‘self development’ tool I started to use spontaneously since I was a teen (without realising that this was my ‘self development’; I just needed to make sense of my life….my feelings; behaviour of people around me; clarify my needs and wishes). I have been journaling on and off most of my life; during the last decade or so I have been journaling a lot and came to discover some little tips which really worked for me – to make sec of my life…clarify my needs….and so on. I have shared my little tips and tricks with my patients with really good results. ‘Letters to the Soul’ – Journalling challenge I eventually created to put all these tips and tricks together – is a compact form of practical journaling prompts which are easy to follow, require very little time and effort to work with and yet let you go deep with your self-reflection through writing. 

Dreamwork is a a great tool I discovered at the same time as Colourpuncture and by practicing it with my patients and for myself and researching it, I came to use a very simple script for the dream analysis including some troubleshooting tools for situations which are not fitting into a classic ‘each object of the dream represent a part of Self’ principle (this generally works; but sometimes there are other layers to our dreams which needs attention and I’m using various ‘dialoguing’ tools which help us to arrive to a better understanding and a resolution in our dreamwork. This is what our ‘Dream Yourself Together’ dreamwork challenge is about – learning and practicing these simple tools which once internalised are great for self care DIY dreamwork – anytime you like. 

If you practice Colorpuncture, think of any tools/techniques/other therapies you use – intentionally or intuitively – to help you to process and deepen your Colourpuncture experience and healing. Any questions, comments or thoughts – please reach out using the form below. 

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