When we feel like reinventing our Self and fine-tuning our Path – consciously or not – we are playing a disassemble/reassemble game. At will, that is. And then from time to time we hit a ‘sudden’ Life’s ‘Tornado’ stage where we are pulled into a powerful vortex of change which does all the ‘disassembling’ part for us – and typically, fast. And then there is the ‘Beyond’, entering a spiritual desert. Here we already lost our old Life Script, together with the Map of the Path. 

In a challenging life situation we may find ourself in a (well, situational) ’victim’ position, largely without fully understanding or acknowledging it. While easier said than done, all we need to do it to move from a ‘victim’ to an ‘author’ position. Part of a problem is to actually recognise the ‘victim’; another part is to take a firm course to an ‘author’ position which can be difficult if we lack support and resources, whether in our perception or in actual reality. Actively looking for and building up our resources (including finding support) is an important step, and within it comes ‘reassembling’. Every life storm shakes us up and we find ourselves temporarily disoriented. Focusing on our resources provides a solution – and a serenity which we need so much.

In the ‘Beyond’, we can’t see the future yet. It’s an in-between space. This is an uncharted territory and there are new roads to build and steps to take. Whether we are conscious about it or not – and whether we resist it or not – what is really happening here is some reassembling. And if in a ‘Tornado’ stage we largely have to react, making choices in response to changing events, here we have to make some more active choices as if in an empty space. These can be wobbly and unsure new choices but we have to create some stepping stones to go through this stage – to navigate the ‘beyond’, the desert, the in-between space. And if we are still shaky from exiting a Tornado, and not yet ready to build, then we can plan, visualise, tune in and choose. In the Beyond, we can start writing a new Script and planning on building a new Path. When the time is right and the energies from our Future will start supporting us, we can building on our vision.  

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'Beyond': reassembling

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