Broadly – and sometimes arbitrary – we tend to divide our life journey into ‘times of peace’ and ‘times of war’. The ‘War’ part may just mean a really intense patch which requires  a lot of daily discipline, such as a preparation for our PhD…weight-loss journey…moving house/country or going through some other challenging personal change. The ‘Peace’ may not even feel like a particularly peaceful patch as we are habitually running around in a blur of our daily stress – before something big happens which ends these times and we realise in a hindsight that they were indeed good and quiet times.

Our personal development and our understanding of who we are happens both in ‘peace’ and ‘war’ times, consciously or not. The difference?

In peaceful times we are free to choose this path (or not), and in ‘war’ times we are pushed into it, where or not we feel we want to ‘go there’ or ready for it and whether or not it’s ‘fair’.

We started talking about discovering and expressing our identity on our May 2022 Cafe Self Q&A call with connecting to our Self’s Modus Operandi and made some in-roads into how we can uncover our most Natural Modus Operandi. This was a discussion for ‘the times of peace’. Here we talk about what happens when we hit a life’s crisis – and how that uncharted territory which we enter after the crisis, our ‘beyond’ space, re-shapes our Self perception.

If you find this interesting, you may also want to check our series on ‘Life’s Tornado – a theme of our October 2021 Cafe Self Q&A call (the link is for YouTube playlist from where you can check individual articles).

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