So you chose your primary diagnostics for your Colourpuncture patients; you based your long term Health Plan for them on this diagnostics – what’s next?
There is a very good rule in most Natural Health therapies: don’t ever rely on just one diagnostics but cross-check your findings with several other diagnostics tools.

In any Colourpuncture training you take, there will be basic diagnostics we use: fingertips diagnostics; back segments diagnostics; foot reflexology diagnostics – and more. Most of the time several of them used together are perfectly enough.
However, if you are familiar – or interested in learning – some other diagnostics, you can choose to use or learn some extra tools, such as TCM Acupuncture based ‘Alarm points’, Constitutional Iridology, Foot Reflexology and so on.

If you are interested in learning a cross-check diagnostics for your Colourpuncture or other Natural Health therapies patients or have any questions on how you can combine what you already know, contact me with your questions using the form below – I’m happy to help!

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