Building sustainable health – and creating our Health Plan – where do we start? In the beginning, we need to have some form of diagnostics: both to gain insight into our health picture and to serve as our core reference point for tracking the progress. Ideally this diagnostic should provide us with both short term and long term view – not only on the presenting symptom, difficulty or pain, but on the wider health picture.

In a context of our Colourpuncture based self care, this should also be as close to classic Colourpuncture diagnostic as possible. While the hallmark of professional Colourpuncture – EEA or Kirlian Photography used to read the information from end points of Acupuncture meridians on our fingers and toes – is only used in big Colourpuncture clinics, we can still use a very simple version of it, at home – at any time!

Simple, quick and easy to learn, ‘fingertips diagnostics’ gives you some fascinating insights not only into particular points of Energy flow disturbance – Qi deficiency or Qi stagnation on Acupuncture meridians, but also lets us have an insight to a higher level of a possible cause – the level of symbols. It always gives us a ‘here and now’ picture of energy flow disturbance but equally, practiced over time, it provides us with a long term view of our health tendencies and so potential weaknesses which need an ongoing support. This is a great help in creating our Health Plan.

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