Have you ever wished that you knew a simple diagnostic tool which would give you a long term view, an overall health picture and also included all aspects of a human being – the Body, the Soul, the Spirit?

The closest thing I found which fits this description – and so can form a solid core of our Health Plan – is Constitutional Iridology. Many professional iridologists (especially medical doctors or medical herbalists) scoff at the idea as ‘too simple’ – they are all focused on exact ‘degree’, exact nature or an estimated depth of a particular iris feature which let them to determine not only that ‘there are resolved/unresolved heart problems on mother/father side’ but the exact cardiac diagnosis for example. And these things are indeed best left to professionals. However, a humble Constitutional Iridology, which simply describes and classifies patterns of trabecular structure, colour, accumulation type, density, inter-filament openings picture and so on can give us much more than we can assume based on ‘simplicity’ of the diagnosis.

Here is a comparison of some very superficial level features of two different Iridology constitutions (this is a video fragment from our May 2022 Colourpuncture Q&A) which gives a taste of what is possible (which is a lot more!). I like the resulting focus of Constitutional Iridology on habits; lifestyle choices – nice a boring, very much TCM style: “you should eat ABC; you shouldn’t indulge into XYZ; you need to consciously develop yourself in a direction of OMG” 🙂

Simplicity is the key, not a disadvantage here as it’s this simplicity which makes it doable: both to learn the technique and following the Health Plan based on it. Constitutional Iridology describes who this person is, on a very deep, true level – and this is not something which is going to change, this is a predisposition, an inherited tendency. It can become a problems or a gift, depending on what we do with it (if we are aware of it, that is).

I feel that learning Constitutional Iridology is a totally life skill to acquire, where or not you are actually a health practitioner (of Colourpuncture or any other holistic therapy). This is a subject I wish we were taught in school…

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Constitutional Iridology


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