What takes us to the ‘Beyond’ space? How ofter do we go there at will? Sometimes, we choose to. Most of there times, we are just plunged into it…Anything from a big loss all the way to some benign ‘planned’, ‘expected’ but robust life change can takes us to these uncharted waters.

Here is a list which is by no means exhaustive:

  • Any major life change (changing profession…immigration…parenthood)
  • Loss and grief
  • Being subject to somebody’s decision about our life’s situation which we can’t change
  • Upheaval in the collective (Covid pandemic…war…recession…)
  • A long period of unhappiness followed by some internal ‘revolution’ where we can’t anymore act from the place we used to (setting boundaries in relationships…)
  • Natural completion of life’s chapter (menopause… retirement…grown up children moving out)
  • Nothing in particular apart from an accumulated experience of the same kind – even neutral in nature – when one day we just realise that we can’t carry on the way we did no matter how unclear our internal urges and longings feel (here we may have this vague feeling that we are not truly ‘living our life’ but going in circles, on repeat, according to once learned and accepted pattern)
  • Experiential retreat of some kind (anything from writing, yoga or Colourpuncture to borderline legal spiritual ceremonies) – this is something we tend to choose consciously unless we go by somebody’s suggestion without a clear idea of what we are subscribing to.

Whether chosen or imposed, a journeying in uncharted waters is likely to take us many different places and lead us through much more dramatic ups and downs than we usually experience in our everyday life. One thing is certain though: we are in for a deep Self discovery and a fast-track personal change. We can get overwhelmed by the experience and desperately try to return to our forever lost ‘normal’ or take a chance to embrace this rich Self learning emerging on the other end in a much more aligned state. Much depends on our conscious focus during the journey and the level of support we choose to create for ourselves.

Where are you at this moment of time? Are you enjoying a sunny and quiet patch in your life? Or are you riding stimulating waves of change? Let me know!

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Uncharted Waters, what takes us there?

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