Have you ever wished that all – or most – of your health/wellbeing/life problems could be easily resolved by Just One go-to source (a medical advice/life wisdom/crystal ball  type of insight), a well of wisdom of a kind? 

Have you ever experienced this one-stop problem resolution? 

Maybe you had this amazing family doctor who was really listening to you and was prepared to think outside of the box (read: outside of pre-made protocols) and whose advice extended well beyond sorting your immediate medical problem and to your lifestyle in general, sharply pinpointing problems which, once solved, would have created a big domino effect for the rest of your life? 

I actually did – and not just once. And the advice these wise people offered still stay with me over the years – they were doctors with a capital D, with bold individualities who were into research, free thinking and trying out unconventional ways to help suffering humans. 

Or maybe at least once in your life you met a really wise person who gave you life advice which turned out to improve your health and wellbeing as well? 

Maybe you received advice from an integrative medical doctor or a holistic therapist who was trained in multiple, complementing each other modalities so was able to offer a really comprehensive advice? 

If you were lucky to experience any of the above you probably remember well this exhilarating feeling of ‘just-about-getting-my-entire-life-sorted’. Notice ‘entire’ life. Recalling WHO’s bold definition of health we need to have in a good working order all the 5 sides of what seems more ‘lifestyle’ than health itself as we got so used to defining health in a very narrow way.  

And if for whatever reasons you since lost touch with that amazing source of wisdom have you ever wondered if you can recreate that feeling of ‘getting your life sorted’ yourself? 

Have you tried to build your health DIY style in a sustainable manner while feeding your Soul and attending to your whole Self: on Mind, Body and Soul levels? 



Before I started helping people to build sustainable health in my Natural Health Clinic in 2003 I tried many things to improve my own health. Trust me when I say many. My state of health and energy throughout my life gave me plenty of incentive. 

I have a background in biological sciences so I naturally turned to conventional medicine first. Then, I tried numerous diets. Then…to cut a really long story short, I had unstable and marginal effects at best. 

And then I came across Colourpuncture and as fate would have I became a therapist. Looking back I can see how lucky I was to start my professional journey as a therapist with this probably best holistic (in a true sense of this word) therapy. Colourpuncture is an integrative natural health therapy. Modality-wise Colourpuncture is a spin-off Acupuncture; it also includes various Reflex Zones therapies and a rich, profound philosophy at its roots. 

Colourpuncture works on a synergy principle between effects of colour and light applied on meridian network and other Reflex zones on the skin. 

Colourpuncture aims to:

  • build sustainable health by healing the very roots of diseases and
  • it thrives to do so on Body, Mind and Soul levels. 


Colourpuncture and WHO definition of health 

When our health is maintained on Body, Mind and Soul levels we are usually able to extend ourself into the external, building happy social connections and worldly contribution, two of five health parts according to WHO. I call them ‘forgotten faces’ as unfortunately forgetting about this ‘whole health’ we do tend to settle for far less, feeling that we would be radiantly happy if only we could reach a bare minimum, an ’absence of pain, disease and infirmity’.

Another forgotten face of health, ‘fulfilment of our potential’ or ‘being on the Path’ is integral for our whole health and from my experience is often a missing link. This manifest as this weird feeling that ‘you have it all’ and yet something important, something elusive is missing. 

Colourpuncture has tools specifically designed to help us to align with our true Self and ‘the right life Path’ and this is why it is so important to have Colourpuncture as a tool in your Clinic if you are a therapist or if you tend to DIY health and wellbeing building practices at home. 

Colourpuncture helps us address all 5 facets of health precisely because it is integrative  in its nature, media-rich and based of Universal Laws. It touches upon all 3 levels of our being – Mind, Body and Soul – and working on synergy principle it provides a short cut to healing in a way because of being such a powerful blend. 


Next Step

Colourpuncture organises our inner perception in a way that can also give us clear insights on your next step in life but to take this next step and also address other sides of your life is still totally up to us. And the very same goes for any other natural therapy system or indeed conventional medical treatment. And this is where our Cafe Self work comes in which helps you to start a fruitful dialog with your Soul, build up your Inner Self and so a solid psycho-emotional and mental health to complement the physical. 

In our Clinic we also do Acupuncture for acute conditions and CranioSacral therapy  which is incredible for structural alignment, but for sustainable results we always include Colourpuncture. Colourpuncture is also perfectly enough on its own for majority of health problems and can be practiced at home. 


The well of wisdom is all within us

Now, I don’t claim that Colourpuncture is the one and only well of wisdom or that it will answer all of your health and life questions. However, having searched for answers for health, inner peace and direction of life myself for a big part of my life I can certainly say that Colourpuncture comes very close. 

Cafe Self is a Yang counterpart of Colourpuncture in a way – here you are fully in charge of your Next Step in life – by organising your life experience, remembering the Self, Cultivating the Self and ultimately showing up in a lead role in your Life. This goes well beyond ‘DIY’ holistic therapy system – it involves decision, determination, having right tools; asking right questions; having support, practicing taking action and responsibility….just as about every leading role does.

  • How do you manage your health at the moment? 
  • Have you experienced integrative therapies? 
  • Which aspect of health do you feel you need to address most at the moment – is this bodily health, mental wellbeing or emotional health? 
  • What can you do, right now, to reach that ‘just-about-to-have-your-life-sorted’ feeling?  Who will be your first point of call if you need help or advice? 
  • Which of the 4 forgotten faces of health do you feel need most attention? 


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