Colourpuncture Party!How Colourpuncture Party would look like to you? On my first Colourpuncture Party I was a Rose themed Fairy – with a ‘Magic Wand’, Perlux – representing Melancholy and Inspiration. 

I was lucky to be a part of several very special Colourpuncture Parties and I’d love to create a similar experience for you. Our FREE Colourpuncture Party will be held online on the 26th of February 2021. 

This is a Party for you if you are lucky to have (or would like to invest into) a Perlux, Colourpuncture tool; no previous knowledge of Colourpuncture is needed.


Colour Light Therapy Party

In Colour Light Therapy (CLT) we combine Colourpuncture with conversational hypnosis, dream work, mediations, Self-reflection and all things ‘tuning in’. Our graduation assessment on our professional CLT training back in 2004 had a fun part: we were to demonstrate our understanding of TCM Elements and Colourpuncture Clinic code of conduct in a creative light hearted way. 

I can’t remember whose idea it was but we decided to dress up: we had everybody from an Enlightened Being to a Difficult Patient. 

I dressed up as a Rose themed Fairy 🙂 and my assignment happened to be to represent a Metal element of TCM (Lungs/LI FC in Colourpuncture) without saying a word: I had to act as Melancholy and Inspiration all at one. I was still working as a scientist, a word fun was alien to me and this creative part of assignment was madly challenging. 

I have warm memories of our Colourpuncture Party and would love to say a huge THANK YOU to all Colour Light Therapy UK team for all the great experience we were lucky to have. We had deeply experiential, transformational Colourpuncture exchanges with Soul Spirit therapies in a fun, light hearted and protected space. 

  • My Question to you: on a real Colourpuncture Party who you would dress up as for giving Colourpuncture? 
  • Who do you see yourself as in your Colourpuncture therapist/user role?


Acupuncture Colourpuncture Party

Once upon our Acupuncture course we had a great group of students – mid-way through our beautiful Acupuncture training with this course being close to residential we were totally like a family. Everybody was an established therapist or medical professional and after I shared some of our Colourpuncture stories at dinner somebody asked if I can explain or show what Colourpuncture is.

What is Colourpuncture? You can explain Colourpuncture by sharing some eye-opening, jaw dropping stories – as everyone who experienced Colourpuncture can confirm – but there is not a single way to answer a question ‘What is Colourpuncture?’. What I found over the years though was that it’s very easy to demonstrate. 

Needless to say, my Perlux travels with me everywhere. ‘Abundance and Boundaries’ Colourpuncture treatment is my go-to demo for a little more attuned audience so I started giving it to somebody and on their ‘OMG’ everybody else in the room wanted to experience the same thing. We were doing our Acupuncture training together with my husband and luckily had our Colourpuncture ‘De Luxe’ set with  2 Perluxes, 1 for a point treatment and 1 with a flat focus. So with two of us, with 2 Perluxes and about 8 or 10 people in the room our impromptu Colourpuncture Party – as labelled by the participants  – got going. The name stuck 🙂


Why Colourpuncture Party?

Party creates a circle, and circle elevates a group energy containing it within this protected space. Common intent is magical for the Soul and for healing as I experienced it on my CLT training – even though it was hard for me purely because it was highly unusual – I was open enough to observe that a group creates a totally different flow. My CLT group was totally amazing people. I got as much from giving Colourpuncture and listening to other people stories as I did from receiving and experiencing Colourpuncture myself.

A traditional one to one Clinic or online setting of a Colourpuncture session, self treatment with Colourpuncture and experiencing Colourpuncture in a group complement each other by their different effects; ideally they all should be present at different times. What is possible in one setting is not possible in the other: they all have their place.

Colourpuncture Circle is a very special circle – you can almost feel people getting lighter inside and grow within the experience in a real time… as if the healing energy going around in a circle focuses and multiplies with every loop. Energy of a group is deeply healing, and healing intent magnifies within a supportive space. You can relax into this healing space.

I came to love therapy exchange groups during my many courses in therapies…I can totally see the point now. And each group is precious, the time and the space of it. 

  • Can you relate to this quality of energy – what is your experience with giving/receiving a therapy in a group? 


Colourpuncture Party at Home

Our Colourpuncture Party 2021 will be Online Home Party which is perfect for Colourpuncture and for Winter. Colourpuncture at Home is very Hygge in nature, cosy and nurturing: Colourpuncture gives you comforting, loving and Soul deep Light. 

Colourpuncture perfectly enhances a celebration of new fresh light in nature and a new cycle in our lives. The season’s vibe while still deep is much forward looking already with longer brighter days. 

  • Would you like to join us at Colourpuncture Party? 

If you have or would like to invest into your own Perlux, Colourpuncture tool and you’d like to join us for Colourpuncture Party which of the following treatments you would like to learn:

  • ‘Abundance and Boundaries‘
  • ‘Fear and Trust’
  • ‘Sheltering the Spirit’ 
  • ‘Heart Centering’ 
  • ‘Balancing the Elements’


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  • Learn a new Colourpuncture treatment 
  • Meet like minded people 
  • Amplify energy for your healing 

Please contact us now to reserve your space: spaces are limited as I’d love to give everybody individual attention.

February 2021: ask your question about Colourpuncture!

In February 2021 I will be giving FREE, no obligations, focused 20 min one to one online consultations on Colourpuncture: please get in touch and ask me anything you would like to know about Colourpuncture and what it can help you with – or to learn a tailor made short treatment protocol for your current needs.

If you don’t have your Colourpuncture Perlux yet, don’t worry: Acupressure on Colourpuncture points will give very good results.

I’m here and I’m happy to help!


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