What is the simplest and quickest way to balance an acute emotional reaction with Colourpuncture? A ‘reaction’ may happen in a process of Colourpuncture treatment – we may spontaneously remember a sensitive memory (not necessarily ‘bad’ – emotional) or your patient may come to your treatment in a state of emotional upset.

There are many classic Acupuncture points which we can use for emotional balancing and there are specific Colourpuncture points but probably the most well-known and quickest way is to use Rose colour application to the top parts of little fingers (palm side).

This point (left side, right side) while not strictly an Acupuncture points in itself, is located closely enough for Colourpuncture colour light to radiate for a short distance and reach two important Acupuncture points on the both sides of it: Heart 9 (Ht9) and Small Intestine 1 (SI1). The Qi flow is shallow at the level of these points so the colour applied midway easily reaches them. These Acupuncture points traditionally help with acute emotional upsets of all kinds, anxiety, panic attacks, fainting etc. Please be responsible, recognise your limitations with Colorpuncture and call for medical help in clearly serious conditions.

When we start our Colourpuncture session, we first need to check if there are any acute situations present which need to be taken care of first: acute or chronic pain; emotional upset; a state of being mentally distracted etc. So if there is an acute emotional upset of any kind, we need to calm this reaction down first and then proceed with our intended Colourpuncture treatment: endocrine, immune, lymphatic, degenerative, five elements, conflict resolution etc.

Colourpuncture colour Rose will not only calm the person down but will also help them to articulate their problems, state or concern better . They will also understand the precise reason for their emotional upset better. You as a therapist will be able to decide on what to give them on this particular day better.

Colour Rose on little finger was the first balancing tool of Colourpuncture I learnt – and I used it a lot: for myself, for my patients and even for somebody else’s patients when I worked in a holistic clinic and their patients sometimes would come to the clinic in a state of acute emotional upset. This emotional regulation approach is no longer mentioned in our current training but everybody who trained with the earlier systems of Colourpuncture knows this simple trick.

These little fingers zones in various Reflex Zone therapies and balance systems of Acupuncture also relate to the head and brain (in particularly limbic system projection on the forehead) so this calms down the mind. In various other healing systems this area also relates to the Sacral chakra and from this perspective it creates a sense of grounding, soft anchoring and just being comfortable ‘in the body’. There are many quick Colourpuncture treatments which we also use for emotional upset/emotional reaction situation such as:

  • Triangle of Feelings
  • Triangles of Tranquility
  • Triangle of Spiritual Strength

but Rose on little fingers will probably be the best first point of balancing because of it accessibility, power of regulation and ease of application. Managing reactions with Colourpuncture is an interesting topics as while a ‘negative’ reaction should be handled with care, in any natural healing system a ‘reaction’ is no more than a message from our innermost Self to our decision making, conscious daily Self which if read and understood will massively improve our life, support our health and provide clarity of direction.

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