“Prevention is better than cure” phrase attributed to the Dutch philosopher Desiderius Erasmus in around 1500, still holds true.

In official medicine, currently it mainly boils down to regular screening (if we don’t go into a complex subject of vaccinations) to detect a disease in early stages of development. ‘Early stage of development’ in official medicine would already fall under a category of Degenerative diseases in Colourpuncture. In Endocrine stage, the functional test results are inconclusive at best; nothing usually appears on the screening. In Toxic stage, the picture is very clear often without the screening: inflammation is usually accompanied by pain, rash, redness, temperature.

Prevention is natural medicine is based on creating the best physiological conditions to support the function of the body through the seasons of the year, the seasons of life and based on family history and known risk factors such as weakest links and so on. Zooming into a TCM, prevention is based on creating the optimal conditions for organ systems starting from seasonal care. Early Spring is the first and the most challenging condition fro the body: we transition from the Element Water (related Kidney Bladder system) into the Wood (related to Liver Gall Bladder); from Yin to Yang. Supporting treatments will depend on how far into a season we are. if the Spring is warm, the Wood type of Colourpuncture treatments will be already relevant. If the Spring is late, cold and windy then we still benefit form Water type of treatments.

Bladder 23 is a key Acupuncture point to support the Water element, and with this our health in cold winter season and it will address all the Kidney Bladder problems: excess, deficiency, any imbalance.

Red and Green are the colours for the Kidney energies. Red is indicated to strengthen the energy and Green to release stagnation for the Bladder 23 Acupuncture point. In practice it most often comes to Red/Green complementary; you can use Red/Red in cases of Yang deficiency if you have sufficient Acupuncture background to diagnose (Kidneys often have deficiency of both Yang and Yin in different degrees).

With the coming Spring, the treatment strategy is different: please come back soon – as the weather warms up – for ideas on Spring Detox.

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