‘Where am I in this moment in time in my life?’

Winter Questions

Lucky are those who can come up with a quick and clear answer to this question. 

Last accords of winter is a perfect season to take stock.

Did you answer the Bare Bones questions with:

‘how do I even recognise these things?’


‘how do I know that this is a true answer?’

There are many personal development practices helping to tap into these questions: meditation, body work, dream work, art, journaling. Last month we attempted to clarify the structure of our lives, the Bare Bones – what is really important, what’s worth preserving, what we really want, what is missing in the structure.

To help you create a full snapshot of your inner life and deeper Self in this moment of time, this Winter, we prepared some Winter Questions. Great personal development work at the end of Winter, this will also become a bridge to your Spring Cleanse.

To fast track the process we suggest a valid criteria of objective use.

  • The Hint: what is well used? We tend to use well what suits us even if we don’t fully understand why. Chosen once it lasts till it wears. That dress, that friendship, that Soul feeding little habit.
  • The ‘Anti-Hint’: what do we use often but every time we do we feel like ‘this has to change!!!’. Most likely this has to do with some past conditioning or habitual choices. It forms a part of who we are but not necessarily serves us on a path we presently walk.

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