Maze Love Lessons

The Entrance

Take nothing but this Guidance.

Fasten your seatbelt: there will be turbulence.

The Reward: your feelings are getting sharper.

Proceed to the Wound

The Wound

Welcome to heartache!
It’s going to hurt so intense… it’s going to feel like a real, physical wound.
This is a wound.
Treat it as such.
Feel the wound. Lick it.

It’s against the Law to kill Love.
Love is an independent being made of connection between you and the other.
It’s also against Life to be killed by Love.

After the abyss that connection is to be preserved as an unconditional love, from a safe distance.

The Reward: you are fully present in here and now, acutely sensitive and ready for guidance.

Meet the Guides

The Guides

Cry it out. Write it out. Dream deeply.

Dreams will unveil the future and show the way.
Somewhere between sleep and awake you’ll get to meet a real you, probably for the first time.

Celebrate Love.
Wrap up an immortal part of it into a fairy tale. Choose to write it from heart.

Revisit the places where the Love lived. Collect your Soul’s fragments there.

The Reward: you are getting to know the whole you, Soul bare. You are ready to face the Lessons.

Proceed to the Lessons

The Lessons 

Recall your hopes for this Love. Promise yourself to attend to these needs, yourself.

The Reward: you are crystal clear on what you truly need.

Evoke the essence of the other.
Zoom in to find Just One Word to name that essence.

Look in the mirror, say the word and break the spell…

The Reward: the spell is disintegrating as you see yourself in the other.

Proceed to the Scar

The Scar

Look, a wound is quickly forming into a fresh scar.
Lick it once more. Clean it.

Honour the scar.

Look past the scar into what you had it for.

Look closer, there are sutures…
A masterful Soul surgery performed by an invisible caring hand. Choose to see it this way.

Look even closer ….the scar is still translucent.

Through the scar and the tears you can sense the Gifts.

Sometimes the only way to receive the Gifts is to be vulnerably open.

The Reward: amazed, you are basking in benevolence of the Universe…

Proceed to the Stage

The Curtain

This is a virtual Stage. The Curtain and the Stage are probably located in future but it’s well worth focusing on them now.

Here you and the other hold hands and bow to an invisible audience.

Extend your soft glow to the other.
Thank them kindly for playing the part for you.

You are now free to move on.

Leaving the stage on your own you feel your future reshaping.

The Reward: seeing the big finale shape shift into a stepping stone you breathe and smile.

Proceed to the Exit

The Exit

On your way out collect the Gifts and reinvent yourself fully owning the internalised essence of the stranger you temporary shared your life with.

The Reward: keep and use the Gifts!

You are back at The Entrance; offer this Guidance to people in the queue. The residue of your pain will dissipate in sharing.


Writing by Irina Kotlar


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