The Perfect Fit

You are looking for an Important Thing you want, 

the way you want it, 

for the first time in your life.  


You are exited and anxious to find Just the Perfect Fit.


You don’t really believe you will.

The Perfect Fit seems as common as high-heeled shoes fitting like slippers. 


Deep down you feel you may not deserve your perfect fit. 

Do you? 

Sure, you made some mistakes in your life. 

Sure some were Big. 

As did we all. 


What if whatever ‘mistakes’ you made have already been balanced off by your ‘good deeds’ in a big celestial Book of Records? 

How do you tell the difference between the two anyway? When did you put  judgement on your actions? 


Would you wish for anyone else to not be able to balance off their mistakes? 

Look deeply into this one…. 


If not, why are you wishing that on yourself? 


And, looking even deeper,

Why do you feel entitled to exceptional suffering? 


Everyone deserves their perfect fit – and so do you. 

In fact everyone has to find their perfect Fit – and so do you.

When everyone has their perfect fit we all fit perfectly in a grand scheme of things of the Universe.


If not, on a bigger scale we are a waste of space. 

The Universe seems to have no particular interest in suffering. 

But it does seem to support things fitting in, personally and universally.


You had your perfect fits in the past, the way you needed them. If you don’t think you did, look deeper still. Find what they were. Be grateful. Relax into this kindness of Universe and your gratitude. Dwell on it, feel it fully, even if for a moment.

Why now things should be any different?


All past Important Things had fixed features and pre-made decisions. 

This one doesn’t. 


You want This Important Thing 

the way you want it, 

and the time is now.


You just need to choose and create what you want.

Nothing is fixed. It’s an open search,

a chance Gift for a more aligned life. 


You must have played some cards right. 

Why do you still have a tunnel vision for mistakes? Is it just your judge hat sliding down your face?


A simple question to zoom into is: what is important to you?

The question is simple. The real answer is not easy to find. You might need to look deeper yet. All the answers are already inside you they just need to be dug out and dusted off a little. 


Get clear on what you want. 

Do Not Compromise on an essence.  

But be prepared to Let Go of the exact form in which it manifests.  


Imagine you only have this One Chance. 

In every moment of time it’s true.


Today, the clues are veiled. 

Tomorrow….be open to recognise and follow the trail. 


Your Perfect Fit is being prepared and is equally eagerly ready to move towards you any time soon.  



Writing by Irina Kotlar

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