Hey Stranger


Hey Stranger.


I see you 


at a stake. 


The burn is slow. 

A few onlookers 

to see the show. 


But where is 

a prosecutor? 


Your hands are tied 

behind your back. 

The ropes seem tight are thick.


Quick glance,

a classic scene, 



Nobody is controlling 

the whole thing,

nor the fire, 

nor the victim. 


A Voice is asking if I want 

to help 

release you. 


I don’t.

Things look….surreal. 

Or may be 

just too painful 

to be felt.


I don’t want 

to get burned. 

I don’t see how 

I can undo the ropes. 

Not with my strength, 



The ropes,

the flame,

the LAWS

who am I up against it all?


The show is old. 

People burn people. 

Some trained their hands 

to tie the ropes. 

Some seem to have the place 

on their hands 

for the ropes. 


And yet, 

I take a closer look

and go around. 



there is no fire  


the stake! 

How come? 




I’m quickly undoing 

the ropes. 

From a total surrender 

you firmly grab 

my hand. 

We run away. 


Hey! Stop! 

Let’s throw 

the ropes 

into the fire!! 


The flame 

will engulf 

the ropes 

and quench itself

and you 

will be free 



Hey Stranger,

I feel stronger 

guided by you 

since I freed 

your hands 

to take mine.


Hey Stranger, let’s run away. 

The stake was yours and yet

I want to get away 

from all that cruelty, 

and despair. 


I feel the ropes 

on me 

just by being a part 

of the audience  

of people 


other people 

while other people 

are watching. 

Where nobody is exactly 



Hey Stranger,

Let’s build 

a better future. 


Let’s make 


to sit around 

with friends 

under the stars

and tell stories 

and cherish 



Hey Stranger,

Let’s come back here

to build 

powerful fountains 

on main squares 

of our towns 

so they will fully clear 

the fires 

of the past. 


Hey Stranger,

Let’s not forget 

the many fires.


Let’s watch 

the triumph 

of humble water

transforming spirit

of town squares 


the cosmic book 

with energies

of elements.


Hey Stranger,

Let’s breathe in 

our freedom.


Let’s free 

all the participants 

of the drama



Let’s help them

to do 

something different 

with their hands. 


We’ll have to heal 

the scars, 

the memory. 


But now 

your hands are free 

and strong. 


Hey Friend,

Let’s use 

the power 

of human hands, 


the hands, not being tied up 

the hands, that don’t tie and 

the hands, that undo the ties.



what’s possible. 



Writing by Irina Kotlar


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