Colour Therapy originated from early observations that different colours have different effect of humans, both in health and in disease. Reaction to colours is also very common in many animals. A well-known influence of colours on human psyche is widely used in modern marketing. Peter Mandel fine-tuned previous empiric research on therapeutic effect of colours. In Colourpuncture light therapy we use spectral (body)soul-spirit (psyche) colours and nuances of grey. We also use infra-red (IR) and ultra-violet (UV).

Research into Colour Therapy goes back to times of Avicenna (AD 980)  according to whom ‘Colour is an observable symptom of a disease.’ Avicenna researched and developed a colour chart which related colour to temperature and physical condition of the human body. It is since his early research that we know that we can use Red to ‘move the blood‘ (stimulate circulation), Blue or White to ‘cool the blood‘ (calm, sedate) and Yellow to reduce muscular pain and inflammation. More recent research into Colour Therapy includes works by J.Ott, K.Korotkov, Coclivo A, S.Azeemi and others.

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Dr Korotkov, K:


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