Have you ever wondered why we don’t ask ourselves really important questions – about our (precious) Life and our (unique) Self – so we can see ourself and our life as a whole, as if we are observing a panorama of our life, external and internal? And why we don’t ask these questions till we found the keys to live fully, breathe freely and relate lovingly?

Ever since I was little Quality Questions have been my keen interest. As fate would have it on my life journey I came across two beautiful and distinctly different systems of Questions – very Good Quality Questions indeed. These were Body therapies such as Colourpuncture and other Meridian therapies and Personal Development tools.

A combination of Body Therapies with Personal Development tools has been giving  sustainable results in my Clinic over the years and this eventually prompted me to develop a self-help system centred around a panorama view exploration of Life and Self which I call Cultivating the Self, a combination of structured Quality Questions with Acupressure.

What is the main difference between Colourpuncture and Acupuncture type of body therapies, Personal Development tools and Cultivating the Self system?


‘Fix my PAIN’ vs ‘I want to achieve THIS’

Colourpuncture and many other body therapies approach life experience, health, wellbeing and fulfilling individual potential from a therapy perspective – we work with the body, we touch upon our Soul health and needs and the focus here is on ‘removing this bad thing’. The whole therapy process is primarily Yin in nature – your role as a patient here is to receive help. Your Therapist’s role is that of an authority figure with special knowledge in a particular field – Colourpuncture, Acupuncture etc. The focus of therapies is on a particular problem/set of problems: headache, back pain, digestive issues etc. In deeper therapies such as Colourpuncture you experience an expansion of consciousness as a by-product and a bonus of fixing of a particular problem.

With Personal Development we start with questions which focus on our goals along the lines of ‘what do you want to achieve in 5 years time’ and then going backwards to set signposts on the way. If/when we run into some sort of a block – things are not working the way we expect them to – we then try to dig a little deeper into the Why and how to ‘fix’ that. Your Life Coach’s role is more that of a trainer who knows how to help you to achieve your goals and has a bunch of tools to make it happen. Your role here is more active; you are more in the Yang with Personal Development as you are the one taking steps and making changes. The focus in Personal Development is on achieving a particular goal/set of goals and you get some body-mind healing as a by-product and a bonus of dealing with mental blocks preventing you from achieving that particular goal.

By their nature both Colourpuncture and other Body Therapies and Personal Development are used to fix a particular problem or achieve a particular goal.  While you can – and certainly with Colourpuncture you will – get a lot of surprising soft benefits on the way, your self knowledge or understanding of a particular part of your life experience is always going to be limited by the nature of the problem currently being addressed. Colourpuncture or other Body Therapies and Personal Development are not mutually exclusive; in fact at best they are very much complementary. They approach the same ‘problem’ from two opposite angles and when you use them together you get more of a 3D view of your health, wellbeing, life Path and the Self.

Both Colourpuncture or other Body Therapies and Personal Development tools are just means to the goal and not the goal itself. You can ‘discover’ yourself, fulfil your individual potential and get better aligned with your Path by many other means which are not directly addressing the ‘problem’ – such as through meditation, books, art, yoga, connections, love – and the list can be as long and as creative as you want.


Good Quality Questions in Cultivating the Self  are an interface and an integration

Over the years I practiced and internally integrated the core principles of Body Therapies and Personal Development and this led me to a creative ‘fusion’ of these principles in my Clinic. This combination was then naturally enhanced by my own insights and ability to recognise patterns of thoughts, reactions and behaviour working with patients. Helping my patients to resolve their problems taking into account their unique individualities and life experiences taught me even more about Life and Health and Self than I could have ever learned during any formal course.

In Cultivating the Self we aim to understand the core of our current perception, both of our entire life experience and of all facets of Self and then balance our perception to cultivate the Self in a better alignment with our Life Path. We also use simple and effective Acupressure to keep being connected to our body.

We do start with a ‘trigger’ goal or a problem but aim to see it as a tiny part of a whole picture. Basically we shine a non-apologetic bright light on our Self and our Life experience acknowledging its worth in itself. While the aim may seem indulgent and rather unusual what we end up observing is a panorama of our life and our exact place in a much, much bigger picture and this is where things start to fall into their places in our individual perception of our life, health, Self and the Path .

Your role here is that of an Author and an Artist of your Life and Self, very much the Yang with a balanced measure of Yin of reflection and relaxing into all nooks and crannies of your unique and fascinating life journey and exploration of Self.

You answer Quality Questions; you do Acupressure for yourself – you are totally in charge of the process, in the driver’s seat and all power is entirely yours. There is no authority figure as your answer are unique to you; and you don’t even have to have a trainer.

My role here is that of a facilitator (on a stand by or active depending on your needs) and my aim is to make your journey of Cultivating the Self:

  • as rounded as possible
  • as deep as possible
  • as simple as possible and
  • as joyful as possible. 


A good start on the Big Panorama of Life and Self is to create a mini panorama and that is of your Talents and Gifts. Life Gifts are often used as a synonym of Talents and as something ‘given’ they can be a great clue to our special place in a grand scheme of things.

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Panorama of Self and Life


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