There is a certain ‘magic’ to Becoming.

Cultivating the Self we creatively weave our authentic path with all the colours of the yarn we have been given by Life.

By observing and accepting these Gifts and co-creating with the Universe we are becoming that perfect single unit of The Big Picture. Shining from inside out as powerfully as we are designed to for the benefit of the Whole we align ourselves and interact with the rest of the creation.


Breadcrumb trail to a worldly contribution

If, when I was a child somebody would have turned up and shown me my future Path I would have never believed them – nothing like that was on the cards considering where/how I started off. And yet all the way since the very beginning there was this whole trail forming itself out of subtle and overt signals, should I care to notice.

Observing the same thing with many patients and friends I realised that we can creatively oversee the process 🙂 Designing our unique worldly contribution comes naturally from combining our special talents, skills and lessons from life’s twists and turns in an eclectic way. It’s the concluding part of the Cultivating the Self, after the Yin of Reflection and Yang of Change and yet everything from the very first page starts contributing to it.

The chances are that our ‘worldly contribution’ is going to quietly assemble itself in a background while we will be busy making wishes, clearing the clutter, learning some tools, organising memories, practicing better habits, actioning plans and generally journeying. By the time we arrive at this last station much of the sketch of our worldly contribution will be there waiting for us. We will just need to pick the brushes and colour it in with as many beautiful details as we please.


Worldly Contribution 

Good Quality Questions based Cultivating the Self is my current ‘worldly contribution’, a pinnacle of the sort, of my observations and collecting, creating, trying and testing multiple personal development tools to help my patients to build sustainable health and wellbeing in my Clinic over the recent 16 years. However, it has been shaped up and enriched by everything I learnt on my own personal development path and this goes back to my teens…long, long way back 🙂

A beauty about Natural Therapies and Personal Development is that each therapist or a coach is a whole unique mini world – I suspect that the Divine simply has this in mind for people on the path of service. We all share everything that have been given to us or rather through us with our people.


The Need and the Start 

Personal development is one of the first things I tried to help myself with to create a better life. I had a classic ‘wrong nest’ syndrome – where you feel as if ‘a stork dropped you’ not where it was supposed to happen. I felt not ‘fitting in’ anywhere and as an alien everywhere, from the family to school and back. There were kind and warm Souls in my family and free spirited Souls in my school but I never managed to really connect with anyone the way I needed to connect.

I had to survive and learn to do things differently to find my own path.

On the top of this I suffered from Endocrine Imbalance in its full glory, poorly understood or managed. Endocrine Imbalance severely affected my physical health in my early years. My name seemed to have an invisible suffix ‘-itis‘ to it on my Birth Certificate: otitis, conjunctivitis, appendicitis, pharyngitis…you get the idea.

I had to start my Personal Development for emotional and social survival and practice Natural Health for physical. And later on after more than a decade of a highly engaging career in science while bringing up young family in 3 different countries I had to look properly into my physical health.


Signposts of the terrain

If I am to pick 9 major things which signposted the landscape on my own Path they would be:

  • Nature
  • Journalling
  • Neuroscience
  • Natural Health
  • Colourpuncture and Meridian Therapies
  • Soul work
  • Personal Development
  • Connections
  • Travel

I have been lucky in my life long quest for better health and personal fulfilment to come across truly unique therapies and tools and also inspired people. Every Good Quality Question is based on tried and tested and totally working tools; while not necessarily providing a quick fix they all work reliably well.

Good Quality Questions worked for many people, they worked for me and they will work for you if you choose to use them.

My path as a therapist started officially when I learned Colourpuncture in 2003 and by this time I already integrated many of personal development tools in my work without giving it much thought – it was natural for me to share what I knew was useful. It was a part of who I have become over the years and now it has its own life in the Membership.



Personal development is my life long passion and I infuse my Acupuncture-Colourpuncture Clinic deeply with it.

Cultivating the Self program is an integration of personal development tools I use on a regular basis – apart from my Perlux and needles 🙂 (but including Acupressure).

I love and live the stuff and if you choose to join Cultivating the Self I’ll be on a journey with you, as enthusiastic about it as I have been at the start of mine.

There is a ‘getting better’ stage in Natural Health where you had your breakthrough health improvement and the original problem only needs some occasional maintenance.

With personal development you ‘get better’ (happier, more balanced, fulfilled, content) answering your very first Quality Question and then you keep moving towards freedom, creativity and expansion of consciousness. Life will still most probably present you with ‘problems’ but they will be much better quality problems as you go about discovering your Self, organising your life experience and creating your more authentic life.

I love helping people to create a Panorama of their Self and Life. I love the journey and the evolving landscape of it. Exciting from the first time when you are just learning the ropes it’s full of adventure and never boring. 

Sometimes work with your questions feels like a patient field cultivation on a calm sunny day. Sometimes it feels like a strong wind inviting you to new horizons. And sometimes you arrive not where you were headed. But regardless of the experience in the moment, the results are soul deep contentment and joy. 

  • How did your start look like?
  • What were your wake up calls?
  • What a Landscape of your Path would looks like if you are to map it out?


A good way to answer these questions will be to do some Stream of Consciousness writing. Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive a FREE ‘Signposting the Landscape of your Path’ easy guidance.

Every step of Cultivating the Self Journey is like a mini journey within a bigger journey.

I’ll be happy to be of service –  Join us for the adventure 🙂

Landscape of the Path

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