Reflections: Feeling. Your. Life.

If you were to file away your ‘Life Experience Records’ (as per your perception) every December into a folder called ‘The Current Year’ what name would you choose for your 2020? What theme transpired? Which waves are you still riding wrapping up your 2020? Which waves will likely take you into your 2021?  How have (more…)

The Struggle and the Miracle

What a Hug-from-the-Universe would feel to you? Imagine a long road of hills and valleys, losses and wins reaching a point when you get tired and disillusioned and finally you surrender; and here comes the Hug. Generous, unexpected and breathtaking.  A big hug from the Universe may take a form of a little miracle. When (more…)

‘Full on the Outside, Empty on the Inside’: Conflicts, Stagnation and Manifest Diseases

‘Hi. I’m a SuperHero. I’m fit. I’m strong. I never cry. I don’t think I need any help. My wife sent me here. I’m certain this is just a minor ailment. Nothing serious. I’m fine.’   Disease development: Stage 3: the River merges with the Sea  High up in cloudy unreachable mountain tops of some (more…)

When a therapy is not enough

Have you even wondered if a Therapy – no matter how wonderful and effective – is enough or there really are some further steps you need to take after your current health problem is, hopefully, ’fixed’? I assume that you are interested in staying healthy; or you may have a health problem you would like (more…)

The Gardener and the Tree

Once upon a time there lived a Gardener who watered a withered Tree. Each morning he would get up, take his tattered watering can from a shelf and go to water the Tree.  The Gardener planted many trees in his lifetime but this was a special tree. When the Gardener was a little boy a (more…)

Sunshine Yellow

How do you reach your personal Zenith, physical and intellectual? Welcome to Colour Yellow: in many important areas of our life Yellow bestows upon us its warmth, dynamism, brilliance, strength and sustaining power of optimal functioning – so we can shine just as the Sun standing in its Zenith at midday.   Achieving optimal functioning (more…)

What is Health? Four Forgotten Faces

Have you ever wondered what being healthy actually means? Is this just the obvious ‘having no pain, no injury, no disease? And what adaptability to change, your social circle and ‘realising your abilities’ or ‘fulfilling your individual potential’ have to do with health? Here is the WHO definition and some answers to questions:  What is (more…)

The battle must go on: Introduction to Toxic Basic Pattern

‘Suddenly’ finding yourself being the middle of action while you are experiencing an acute disease of any origin (read: your body summoned all its resources for a good fight for your better health) you can: Choose to support the Army (the immune system) and direct the Battle (acute disease) at Present; master the ‘Art of War’ (more…)

‘Who am I?’

Imagine: you are waking up in the morning……on a different planet. You have absolutely nobody and nothing but your Self. There are no Rules on this planet, there is nothing To Do and you are all by yourself. The only object you do have (miraculously) is a mirror. Look at yourself in the mirror with (more…)

Happy Orange

Few colours will put a smile on your face, a spring in your step and warm up your mood and heart quicker than Orange. Joy and happiness, fun and abundance are gifts of a generous Orange colour.   Orange is a happy colour 🙂 Orange is second colour in Colourpuncture’s spectral colours sequence and it symbolises warmth, generosity (more…)