Winter Solstice time…. The North Pole is tilted furthest away from the Sun.  The sun’s is at its lowest at the sky.  The longest nights and the shortest days.

Celebration of Light

The Sun is slowly starting to make his way back to the Earth. The days will be getting longer soon.  The start of the countdown to Spring. A time of renewal. The focus is on rebirth and renewal and new beginnings. A time of change. A message of hope.

Celebrations and gifts.  A time of getting in touch with the Self. Time with family and loved ones around the fire. Candle light. Fairy lights.

For all life on the Earth the length of daylight is vital .  The sun is the ultimate source of all life-nurturing light and warmth on Earth. In old days it was important to conserve staple foods for the colder times which were yet to come. It would be long before fresh plants grew again.

Taking this further and into the present times, what do you and your family need to put aside? Food, material goods, sound projects, viable arrangements, sustainable life choices, nurturing relationships, things on the spiritual plane. What is important for you? What is nurturing and sustaining you? What would need to go? What would you like to keep?

Happy Winter Solstice!


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