Greetings from frosty Cheshire!


When you decorate for Christmas – or two! (if you celebrate both Western Christmas and Russian Christmas a fortnight after) – there are times when you feel wildly inspired and you create a masterpiece to be remembered for many Christmases ahead. There are also times when you feel you have to do something as the little ones keep asking – for a week or two – if we going to decorate now and you’d rather…..deeply hibernate, in tune with the season. And there are times when you are fully awake and willing and intend to but….Your inspiration got lost somewhere in the middle of last minute Christmas shopping (hey, consumer years!). Or in a last minute wrapping up that very important professional project which you just have to finish (hmmmm, workaholic tendencies…still here). Even if the only person you are accountable to is yourself. The latter seems to happen without fail every Christmas time for me… Otherwise it feels almost morally wrong to enjoy the holidays. These times are perfect for 1, 2, OK may be 3 min simplest Christmas decoration.

The simplest Christmas decorations are also great if you:

  • find beauty in simplicity and low clutter levels
  • like using natural backdrops for your decoration
  • like combining things which are not usually combined
  • have far too many decorations left from your consumer years….

This year, having run out of ideas where and how to put the remaining MANY red balls and having a desire to put out every decoration we have just to see…what we actually have accumulated in consumer years I put them in this simple – recycling paper – basket and immediately liked it.

Now the whole thing somehow keeps exuding warm energy of clarity and abundance, calm and humble beauty. And, because it’s portable it easily finds a place on the table or by the fireplace and just about everywhere else.

Enjoy the holidays!

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