What to do when a Colourpuncture treatment brings up an ‘emotional crisis’ – healing crisis manifested not as body symptoms but on a level of feelings, emotions, memories? Colorpuncture ‘Conflict Resolution’ therapies in particular are designed to address our inner conflicts – starting from the birth trauma and Prenatal issues all the way to our most current life conflicts – in a non-verbal way. 

However, in a process, we may well come across some memories from the past (‘the cause’) or touch upon our present automatic patterns (‘the effect’, the resulting fixed response to ‘the cause’) of thoughts, behaviour, feelings, emotions or relating – which have not been fully accepted, ‘digested’ and integrated. This, in itself, makes the deeper healing possible – much in the same way as on the body level, taking the process from chronic into acute and successfully resolving an acute state brings about true healing. However, while we don’t tend to judge ourselves for developing an acute cold or a headache as we move from a chronic version of a body problem to acute, we do tend to have opinions about our behaviour when Conflict Resolution Colorpuncture brings something to the surface on a level of emotions or thoughts – which we don’t like…

Our ‘opinions’ about past versions of our Self tend to swing between denial and indulgence into guilt – and in both cases apart from ending up in a self inflicted emotional conflict, we miss the point: we behaved/thought/felt/related to people in a way which was in line with our experience and resources at the time. We moved on since. We matured. We understood some situations, some people and ourselves, better. Sure, we regretted some of our choices and decided on making better choices next time. We built up our resources including emotional resilience, compassion and wisdom. From this vantage point we now look at our life choices in our 20-s and think OMG, didn’t I see what I was doing/feeling/thinking/choosing?? And a simple denial just pushes a resolution of the problem into some distant future or adds to an existent unresolvable entanglement. 


Colourpuncture Ellipses: ‘What is’

How to deal with emotional healing crisis? In Colourpuncture we have plenty of tools: ellipses, sedating points, balancing Lines and relaxing Zones. Colorpuncture Ellipses are often a starting point as they can bring both softening of perception and future insight. I use ellipses in a clinic setting. I’m a big fun of personal development and firmly believe that we need to own our life choices and not be afraid to explore sometimes uncomfortable depths of our psyche. However…I learnt to accept that this is not an easy solution for everyone and/or on any stage of their life and healing journey. So, as a starting point I’d use Colorpuncture ellipses. Ellipses help us to be present and relate fully to ‘what is’ – be that our life situation or a particular aspect of ourselves. Full presence and awareness even in most unpleasant situations or of undesirable parts of our personality is often enough for us to move forward, away from denial or drama and into a better life, and into a better version of ourselves. 



Intentional dreaming and simple Dream analysis are excellent tools for ‘going deeper’ when you are ready and happy to do this. Nothing can lift the truth the way our dreams do. We drop guard in our dreams. There is no censorship whatsoever from our conscious daily mind. We may just see the truth as it is. A good place to start will be Zones of Expansion of Consciousness (instruction comes with the Oil Relax which is the main media for doing this type of dreamwork). A more personalised approach will be focusing on a specific dream zone or a combination of zones. Zones of Fear, Zone of Self Memory, Zone of Relationships…this will take our Conflict resolution journey to a deeper level and bring understanding, contentment and peace. 



I use Journaling when something is half-surfaced and needs a little more help and organisation to translate into a daily life, new habits, better lifestyle choices. Certain Journalling techniques also support deep exploration of our Inner Self and can be a healing in itself. Journaling brings an amazing clarity: we understand ourselves better – our feelings, our motivations, our needs – and this is the first step to self acceptance and constructive life change. Stream of Consciousness Writing is a great start – and easy Journaling prompts make the process dynamic, realistic and beautiful. 

This video is a fragment from our November 2021 Colourpuncture Q&A – thank you for your great questions and we hope to be back soon with ‘How to avoid a healing crisis?’.

Any questions, please get in touch using the form below, I’m happy to help!



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