For our Body, Colourpuncture can bring deep relaxation, relief from pain and resolution of our body ailments. For our Soul and Spirit, Colourpuncture can bring insights – bright, deep and always surprising.

As a body therapy, Colourpuncture gives us sustainable results in comparison with other therapies. For our inner Self, Colourpuncture gifts us an access to layers of our Being which would otherwise be impossible. These are most likely outcomes of our Colourpuncture experience, whether when we receive Colorpuncture from a therapist or use it as a daily self-care at home. However, sometimes, and especially so either in the very beginning of our Colourpuncture journey we may get (besides of pain relief, complaint resolution and insight) some vague bodily ‘felt sense’. The very same thing may happen again when we embark on one of Colorpuncture’s many ‘Conflict Resolution’ journeys. 

‘Conflict Resolution’ is a family of Colorpuncture therapies and treatments which are designed to resolve a particular problem, either by bringing it to a level of our conscious awareness or just by restoring peace within some deeper layers of our Being. Conflict Resolution most known treatments are Prenatals; Bardo; Mother-Father Balance; Conflict Resolution for current conflicts; various Transmitter Relays and so on. Many treatments with Colorpuncture crystals especially with the Activators as well as Ancestry therapies, Iridology based treatments, ‘Ether’ therapies of all kinds and so on also loosely relate to the ‘Conflict Resolution principle. 

‘Felt senses’ are defined in ‘Focusing’ therapy by Dr E Gendlin as vague bodily feelings that appear to correspond to unresolved emotional conflicts, which tend to resolve by themselves often when we simply pay attention to them.

A ‘Felt sense’ during/after our Colorpuncture treatment is always an invitation to go deeper to connect with ourselves; to get to discover most beautiful gifts and to emerge on the other end of our experience renewed and refreshed. Sometimes this happens by itself; sometimes we feel we need some further support to make this happen. There are tools for that both within Colourpuncture and outside. My favourite ‘outside’ tools – consistently working both for me and my patients one the years – are Dreamwork and Journalling. However, we also have many tools within Colourpuncture. This is a more advanced Colorpuncture; not in a sense of treatments being more complicated, but rather when to apply what tool and how to. The number one tool here is what is called Colorpuncture ‘Ellipses’. There is a really interesting working principle behind Colorpuncture Ellipses which we learn in our Professional training, but in a nutshell we can say that the Ellipses balance our reactions and responses by making us more present in the body. Colourpuncture ‘Sun Lines’ is another example (to follow shortly) – these work by tapping deeper into the principle being addressed, which is a different approach. 

On a very simple level, we can go by their very names when using Ellipses; a practical knowledge of how to read the reactions and take our therapy further is something that we learn in the Professional Colourpuncture training. Some examples of going by the  names: we can use the ‘Mother’ ellipse for anything related to the ‘Mother’ principle, from our relationships and character traits of our real Mother which left the very first reference points and lasting imprints in our psyche to all the issues connected to how to care about our Self and others and general ‘feeding’ or nourishing issues. ‘Father’ ellipse we can use for any reaction which reflects on how we interact with the world; how we act; express our Self; follow our will and so on. There are ‘Ellipse of Completion’ and ‘Ellipse of Existence’; ‘Ellipse of Perception’ and ‘Ellipse of Subconscious’ and so on. For any reaction to Colourpuncture, either in Body or Soul, there is an Ellipse to choose to bring our Colourpuncture experience to a balanced completion within a session or after if we use Colourpuncture for self care. 

This video is a fragment from our April 2022 Colourpuncture Q&A and we mention just some general rules and examples. If you already practice Colorpuncture and need more specific information, please get in touch using the form below. If you feel inspired by Colorpuncture and want to learn this beautiful healing system, please join us for one of our training events. If you are a Colourpuncture therapist already or just starting in Colorpuncture, we are here to support you on every step of your journey!


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