“How do we get more ENERGY???” On a level of our daily self care, the first step is a very direct support of energy production with Orange and general strengthening of our digestive function, supporting our lymphatic and nervous system and promoting detoxification with Yellow. And then for a complex entanglements in our life story, there is a deep and mystical Turquoise.… In Treating Tiredness and Fatigue, Orange and Yellow feel very intuitive; Turquoise seems logical as soon as we accept that we need to support our whole Being and not just our Body – but what we often forget about is how the energy is/should be balanced with Relaxation. And here comes Blue colour of Colourpuncture.

Blue is the next step up the colour spectrum, but many times should be the first step for so common cases of Yin deficiency: when clearly there is too much activity and too little relaxation – either in quantity or quality or both. Serene and relaxing Blue is often forgotten just the same as the genuine deep nourishment of our Body Mind and Soul is often forgotten in favour of activity, achievement and ‘results’.

Tiredness and low energy is a problem which both common and often vague. In Acupuncture, we first try to clarify if this is the energy production problem (Qi Deficiency) or energy suppression problem (Qi Stagnation). Yet even in Acupuncture with its clear differences between an ‘excess and deficiency’, it’s hard sometimes to find what was the very root of the problem which presents as a main complain today.  These roots are poorly understood; misdiagnosed and often lost in years past. In Colourpuncture, we have an excellent concept of addressing an ultimate energy problem: Treating a ‘Burnout’. Yet, we often start feeling the ‘energy’ problem at a stage where it doesn’t need an elaborate therapeutical solution.

Colourpuncture treatments with Orange, Yellow, Turquoise and Blue are all very simple and excellent first steps which we can take with our daily self care at home which will either resolve the problem or will show the way to further steps.

This video is a fragment from our May 2022 Colourpuncture Q&A and we mention  just some general rules and examples. If you already practice Colorpuncture and need more specific information, please get in touch using the form below. If you feel inspired by Colorpuncture and want to learn this beautiful healing system, please join us for one of our training events. If you are a Colourpuncture therapist already or just starting in Colorpuncture, we are here to support you on every step of your journey!


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