When we talk about ‘healing crisis’ aka ‘it will get worse before it gets better….’ we usually ask several questions: how to address physical symptoms; how to deal with emotional conflicts and if it is possible to avoid the healing crisis altogether?

Let’s start with the body symptoms. In all natural medical systems it is accepted that well, things develop over (often a very long) time before the disease becomes apparent, unbearable or dangerous – or as Peter Mandel says “nothings falls out of the sky; everything take time to develop”. Natural medicine aims to heal, not just to resolve the symptoms temporarily; not suppress but unravel things back to the very origin. The expression ‘to heal the very roots of a disease’ isn’t a flowery language or a wishful thinking; it’s a very real though often a long and at times challenging path of ‘going back’. What logically follows is that the journey back will also take time, efforts and yes, we may come across a healing crisis at some point. However, the journey itself is worth every step – as anyone who has been committed enough to complete their healing path can attest. So, what is the healing crisis and is it normal?

When we treat a chronic disease or deal with a long term stagnation of Qi and Blood, we start in the territory of theĀ Degenerative Basic pattern according to Colourpuncture system. In other natural medicine systems this stage is often called just ‘chronic’. The journey back to health goes through the stage of Toxic-Lymphatic reactions (‘acute’ stage) and if we chose our therapies well, we finally arrive to a stage of functional imbalances (Endocrine Basic Pattern), problems which come and go depending on our stress level, general Qi status, life-work balance, emotional climate and so on. At this stage we focus more of making supportive lifestyle changes and in the best case scenario, our health then happily oscillates between Endocrine and Lymphatic patterns, both of which are workable and can even be managed with self-care. On a practical level it means than we manage our stress levels, get adequate rest and relaxation and know our weak links in the body to watch for the first signs of any acute problem developing to be able to take a prompt and simple action with Lymphatic treatments self care supported by common sense and simple natural health tools (diet; water procedures; detoxification; massage; spinal alignment and such).

The most challenging points in the whole Healing Path journey are 1) choosing the right treatments to create ‘freedom and movement’ in the body, to shift the Degenerative pattern to the Toxic-Lymphatic (to move the disease from chronic stage to acute) and 2) managing healing crisis if it happens.

Luckily in Colourpuncture we are spoilt for choice. While many serious diseases will require a complex approach and integrative care, Colourpuncture does have a choice of powerful therapies to ‘move rigid structures’ and ‘create freedom and movement’ in body’s energy field and in Soul Spirit part of our being indeed, both with degenerative pattern treatments and Conflict resolution therapies. As for the healing crisis itself, we have plethora of toxic-lymphatic treatments to successfully manage pretty much every ‘-itis’, an acute stage of a disease. Common sense helps too: keeping warm with the common cold; Oil ‘Relax’ applications, rest and hydration with headaches; alkaline diet with cystitis; easy to digest food in small amounts with gastritis; herbal teas to support body detoxification and so on.

Here is the video transcript šŸ™‚

“How to treat Healing Crisis? In terms of a disease we have the ‘head’ of the disease so to speak, the origin – and then we have a long ‘body’ and a long ‘tail ‘. And very often what happens when we come to a doctor and we already have some diagnosis or there is a very very chronic endocrine situation so every time there is some stress related flare up – what we do, we try to suppress the ‘tale’ so to speak. We try to put something on here – some paracetamol; some antibiotics; something – to relieve the symptoms. We are not looking into what this is the tale of. In all natural medicine traditions we are looking to unravel the whole thing back to the origin. Traumatic injuries do happen but the whole profile of diseases changed dramatically to the side of psychosomatic diseases. Every time we’re talking about psychosomatic diseases we talk about some original situation – very difficult, very acute psycho emotional situation which very often happened in childhood when you feel totally powerless. Or something that happened later in life which created a massive impact on the person. Sometimes things happen when people are well into their twenties and they are not yet fully mature so not necessarily childhood or pre-memory – which is the area we would often go to when looking for a situation when we don’t have any power, any scope for action and this is why everything is of imprinting value on us. Very often this is that acute event which can act as a trigger for the development of very often lifelong situation. Sometimes what happens – this is a really long; very sub threshold but chronic situation. The person is unhappy. So for example: a little neglect from parents – and who didn’t suffer that? And depending on a child – if the child is really independent and they’re curious and they’re full of energy, they can survive this. Here is this big wide world open for them and they’re ready to explore and they’re happy, they’re content. And here is a child who is very emotionally attached to a family member – and this family member is not available for them. Not necessarily they don’t love them; I came across situations when a parent just had a very difficult situation of their own. I remember many dramatic stories which people told me about how they didn’t receive love as little children because a parent was not around. When we talk about a parent who was not around, we find out very often that the parent just worked two or three jobs and they were not around for reason because they really needed to provide food and shelter – and that was highest expression of love for a child because they simply did not have resources, time or energy for anything else. But for the child if child was sensitive; if child really needed this time together – and some children needed it more than the others. And you know there is no judgment we’re all different. It’s very difficult to estimate what we need. Some children need more independence; some children who were brought up independent – they crave time together. Some children who had a lot of time together crave independence. But in a situation when there was a perception of not enough love and this goes on for a really long time – that can also create this pattern. Which then goes on and develops itself into something which later on gives rise to functional disturbances which is the Endocrine Basic Pattern and Toxic pattern and Degenerative pattern (of Colourpuncture). Now, why I went into such a long side tour to paint the picture? When we’re talking about healing crisis right, we talk about Degenerative basic pattern. Very often we’re talking about some massive stagnation of Qi and Blood which we start shifting with our therapies and it brings us either to some kind of ‘toxic-lymphatic’ situation in the body if you react on the body level – which is pain or inflammation or some kind of an acute illness – or we come to a psychological situation. Healing crisis – it’s a healing in itself but the person struggles to cope with the situation on their own. First let’s talk about healing crisis in terms of a body situation. So we have some stagnation of Qi and Blood, we have some Degenerative basic pattern. We gave the person some treatments for Degenerative basic pattern to shift, to start to loosen up rigid structures and create what in natural therapies is called ‘freedom and movement in the body’. And body starts to react and very often this reaction will manifest as a headache or a stomach upset or a cold or something different – or a flare up of your favourite ‘-itis’: gastritis; appendicitis; tonsillitis; cystitis -whatever ‘-itis’ is your favourite ‘-itis’. And then basically we need to support the body here with our ‘toxic-lymphatic’ therapies – whatever we have in Colorpuncture for this – and obviously some common sense as well. If you have a cold – if you have a common cold – or any (‘cold’) respiratory illness, you also need to keep warm, you can do steam inhalations with some oils and so so on. If you have cystitis, you need to follow a diet which will really take care of an acid alkaline balance in the body. If you have gastritis flare-up, you need to be really careful with what you’re eating and it’s better maybe not to eat for the time till it settles and so so on.”

This is a fragment from our November 2021 Colourpuncture Q&AĀ – thank you for your great questions and we hope to be back soon with ‘Healing crisis: emotional conflicts’ and ‘How to avoid healing crisis?’.

Any questions, please get in touch using the form below, I’m happy to help!

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