Colourpuncture treatment 🙂 You are feeling all wonderful and relaxed – yet sometimes you also experience some vague bodily ‘felt sense’ on a background; a body-mind feeling which you can’t completely connect to; or an image/symbol which you don’t fully understand keeps coming up. Sometimes you got everything you wanted from your Colorpuncture session – including a new life direction or an important adjustment to your current lifestyle – but the question remains on how to go about making it real. How do we take our Colourpuncture inspired stirrings, urges and gifts – further? 

Healing a physical problem

This can feel totally exhilarating and you are grateful. However, you feel that – especially in case of psychosomatic disease – that a background emotional turmoil or inner conflict which precipitated an initial distress which then developed into a disease, is not completely resolved. May be it’s a ‘family tradition’ to be strong willed and opinionated and you just can’t take the reality the way it is; or may be feeling a powerless victim runs in the family due to a very real past experience of long term and seemingly unresolvable hardships. Conflict Resolution family of Colorpuncture therapies is your next step.


Felt Senses

Sun Lines and Ellipses are most obvious next step when it comes to addressing ‘felt senses’ – within Colourpuncture  system itself. Dialoguing or guided imagery is a great tool if you are trained in it. I was very lucky to get trained in Dialoguing at the time I received my first Colorpuncture education and it has helped me to support many wonderful internal journeys for my students and patients since. 



Often an extension or a homework with your Colorpuncture therapy, Dreamwork – whether with an Oil Relax on Dream Zones by Peter Mandel or with a further Dream Analysis in its simple DIY form – is an easy support step to take your Colorpuncture insight and positive results further.   


Out of a therapy and into a real life

Journaling is the simplest DIY tool for getting to clarity. From a humble daily free style Stream of Consciousness Writing to various Journaling tools for Soul searching, healing and clarity, Journaling is an ultimate next step for ‘out of a therapy and into a real life changes’ stage.

Here is the video transcript 🙂

“This is a question related to what we discussed earlier – ‘vague things’. This is a situation when you receive Colourpuncture and your outcome is not directly linked to a certain health change. For example, when there was no pain then you won’t feel pain relief, right; when there was no physical problem immediately present which is discomforting for you at the moment then obviously you won’t feel anything. If we’re talking more about different kind of (Colorpuncture) therapies, so if for example you received Colourpuncture and you experience this ‘felt sense’ – some kind of vague sensation somewhere in the body. You feel like something is happening but you cannot quite pinpoint it. Sometimes with Colourpuncture what also happens, you can have this vague understanding; vague feeling that ‘something is there’; something is ‘cooking’ under the surface but you cannot quite get to it. As we discussed already, within Colorpuncture we have plenty of tools: Ellipses; Sun Lines. I did short videos on these so I will put it in the description. So you can do a lot of things within Colourpuncture. If you treated physical health and you really feel like you need to take it further, you can go into ‘Conflict Resolution’ treatments and address more psycho-emotional health background of diseases. Because sometimes what happens – you can really get better with your physical complaint but emotionally, something is happening; you feel that this is something big and beautiful but you don’t quite access it. So you can go for Conflict Resolution (Colorpuncture therapies). So this is one possibility. If there is more of a chronic disease; something of a recurring nature, then you would benefit from what is called ‘Shadow Ear’ treatments (of Colourpuncture). Shadow Ear is quite simply an area (Reflex Zone in Colorpuncture) in front of the ear which we can use to treat conflicts which are more of a chronic nature; something that is therapy resistant; something which doesn’t want to show up; or if it shows up it doesn’t want to go; or if it shows up – you’re not quite ready to let go of it. So you really need to take it further somehow. Sometimes there is a situation when Colourpuncture treatment brought you everything you wanted and you just want to take it further. You feel like you have plenty of insight; you had physical Improvement; you have a really really good mood – you want to take it further and you’re not quite sure, how. Because this is more of a step we are talking about when we are coming out of a therapy and into a real life so to speak – and there are plenty of other tools which you can use outside of Colourpuncture. So, for example: I like Journaling. This is something that I started when I was probably a teenager – this was probably my first self-help tool. I’d come to it – on and off -over the years. When I started treating people in my Colourpuncture Clinic, I developed a system how you can use really simple Journaling to take you further – to resolve things which you didn’t get resolved in Colorpuncture; to connect the dots. What I feel Journaling does from my experience and experience of my patients as well – it takes something which was under the radar, under the surface and it lifts it more into your conscious field when you apply specific techniques. And from your consciousness level you can take it further: you can understand what it was better; you can understand yourself better; but you can also take this insight and translate it into your practical action in the daily life which is what ultimate healing is about. When you receive a therapy, it’s a Yin part; but then you need to go out and do the Yang part – you need to take some action. You need to change something; you need to reconsider your habits; you need to adjust your lifestyle to better suit your health situation, your age and so so on. You really need to do something which will make different the whole setting on which you operate. It doesn’t have to be a revolution – it could be just a tiny adjustment but this tiny adjustment can make all the difference between you being miserable and you been happy. If you just for example find like half an hour – this is just an example of what lifestyle changes I’m talking about – if you manage to create this half an hour a day, just for yourself: for your Colourpuncture; for your Journalling; for your Dreamwork; for your exercise; for your working in the park; for your talking with a friend. This is your Soul’s time – this is your Soul’s play time. This is non negotiable. If you just manage to create that – if you had none in the past, this will make a massive difference: massive difference for your day but also a massive difference for your entire lifetime. Which changes we need to make it can only come to us when we are totally totally clear. So what I like about Journaling – it gives you clarity. It gives you clarity what it is but also it gives you – again if you apply a different set of Journaling techniques – then it can really translate it all into the action.”

This is a video fragment from our October 2022 Colourpuncture Q&A – thank you for your great questions! For any details and further questions please reach out using the form below – I’m happy to help. Join us for the Journalling Challenge ‘Letters to the Soul’ if you feel that this is a good time for you to master this great tool for supporting your inner journey.


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