Headaches are a common ailment: from ‘come and go’, stress related headaches which can be resolved by a simple application of Oil ‘Relax’ over the painful area of the head to frequent, persistent, stubborn headaches which doesn’t seem to respond much to anything we try. Should we still use our Oil ‘Relax’ for the latter type of headaches?

Yes, but. Oil ‘Relax’ will help symptomatically as it contains a powerful blend of pain-relieving, soothing, anti-inflammatory natural oils. However, the effect may not be a full pain relief or it may not be sustainable. Persistent headaches – unless caused by a serious problem and so any headache of this type absolutely needs medical attention by your doctor – usually signal a problem in the body for which a headache is just one of the symptoms. Prolonged emotional distress – such as in case of pent-up or/and un-actionable emotions for example (difficult situation with family or job where you are not a person who can resolve a problem; abusive relationships; loss of income; collective upheaval such as war) can be another reason for frequent/persistent headaches. Accumulated ‘external’ conflicts which we don’t see a way out of, or more internal conflicts which we don’t have the tools to resolve can also be a reason for headaches.

In all cases of stubborn, chronic, frequent headaches – when your medical consultation didn’t reveal any obvious reasons for headaches – we need to look into and address possible underlying causes. ‘Migraine 1’ (more for conflict stress related headaches) or ‘Migraine 2’ (more for hormonal balance, endocrine system regulation) are two excellent solutions in Colorpuncture. We had really good results with these Colourpuncture treatments even for long term and severe headaches and so they are highly recommended – and can be easily done on yourself. Classic Acupuncture points treated with Acupressure and/or Colourpuncture are of great help and often a first step. Most headaches will respond to one of these options. Toxic-Lymphatic treatments may be needed in cases of inherently vulnerable (‘Lymphatic Diathesis’) or otherwise compromised lymphatic or immune systems (a side effect of certain medications such as some oncology treatments for example) to support detoxification.

While you are working to resolve the underlying cause for your headaches however, Oil ‘Relax’ applications can still provide a great symptomatic relief; please get in touch using the form below if you feel you need more information or if you would like to use simple Acupuncture points for treating your headaches with Acupressure or Colourpuncture.

Here is the video transcript:

“Another example of everyday use (of Oil ‘Relax’) would be for headaches – if you’re having regular headaches: there are different reasons, there are different triggers, different kinds of headaches, but headaches are your ‘thing’. When we have random headaches – come and go headaches, stress related headaches – what we need to manage is not a headache but stress. Stress gives us some reaction in the body and headache is just one of them because this could be your weak link in the body – somebody else can react with tummy pain. If you use the Oil (‘Relax’) quite regularly and it doesn’t help to a degree you want – or you feel like you hit the ceiling in your response – then it makes sense to learn this great (Colourpuncture) treatment called ‘Migraine 1’. In Colorpuncture we have ‘Migraine 1’ and ‘Migraine 2’. ‘Migraine 1’ treatment is designed to resolve stress on a deep level, this is based on Conflict Resolution (Colourpuncture therapy). It’s good for stress related headaches – more sort of ‘excess’ headaches in terms of Acupuncture. And ‘Migraine 2’ is more of an endocrine treatment: this is more to calm you down; to build up a response of endocrine system. You need to try which one helps – but one of them will. And of course there are many Acupuncture points which you can use for headaches – with Oil (‘Relax’), with Colorpuncture; let me know if you’re interested – I’ll give you the points. So this is everyday use. Why do I make a difference between ‘first aid’ and everyday use for the same headache for example? When something comes and goes – and then comes again; and this goes on for long enough, it means that we are not addressing the root of a problem. We are addressing the ‘tail’ of the problem: so there is a little pain, we put a little Oil (‘Relax’) on our temples and pain goes or it’s manageable. But if it doesn’t; if it appears again, again and again – that means that we really do need to look into the core issue, the root cause of this. And the root cause could be somewhere else. Very often it could be an unresolved emotional stress; it could be accumulated internal conflicts which really needs resolving. It could be just endocrine insufficiency so we have the classic ‘Endocrine into Toxic’ transition: when we are under stress and our body already struggling in everyday life because there’s not enough Qi, there is not enough vital energy or there is a Qi stagnation – very often it’s connected with emotions, and this is where it starts and this is a level that we need to work on. Coming back to (Colorpuncture training) Module 6, ‘Conflict Resolution’ – there’re tiny little treatments (two points; 4 points; 6 points; 10 points; 12 points maximum) which you can do easily in a really short time and you can have amazing effect especially if you receive them on a regular basis. So imagine you give yourself a couple of weeks to just work on this particular issue; for example, there is a some kind of memory integration which you feel is missing. So there was a stressful period of your life or a really long, chronic, sub threshold stress but really really unhappy period of your life. And you feel like those memories, they are somehow not integrated – they don’t make sense in the framework of your worldview and your life and yourself. So what you can do, you can choose one of those treatments – for example ‘Amygdala treatment’; Limbic system treatments; this kind of treatments – and you can use it every day. And then you really tune in: you see what you respond with; you see what images you’re getting; the symbols; the dreams – this is a deeper level. Again, sometimes pain could be connected with immune system problems – weakness of immune system; over reaction of immune system – especially now with all these multiple infections, multiple vaccinations, our immune system very often is very confused. Immune system always respond second; the stress response and physiological availability of Qi and Blood is the first line, this is functional disturbance and then when we go into this sort of pain; immune system; lymphatic system disturbances, this is always a second stage – unless this is a weak link from birth, from childhood and through the entire life. Or, somehow our lymphatic system is compromised or immune system is compromised and then we have this recurrent problem – so in this situation we might need to do Lymphatic/Toxic (Colourpuncture) treatments or treatments to support immune system. So then our body is just stronger and it can cope. We can really look into the root cause of the disease and we can address it with the Oil (‘Relax’) – with different points; with Colorpuncture; with Acupressure and so on. Very often this really is very Illuminating in itself – when you know what the problem is because you can also approach it from a lifestyle perspective; from your spiritual perspective. You can meditate on it; you can tune into it; you can journal on it; you can do DreamWork about it – so you can go deeper when you know what the problem is. But when you just have pain… which comes and goes and comes again and it’s triggered by God knows what and you are confused – this is a very difficult situation. But the signal to this will be: it comes often. Or it comes and it’s very severe. Or response is very poor. Just don’t apply it on your sensitive parts – inside the ears; inside the mouth; or the eyes; the nose – all sensitive parts because of your mucous membranes they are very very sensitive. So if you apply the Oil (‘Relax’) and there is absolutely no response or it’s not a response which you can describe more than 50 percent, than what is happening – it’s not about the Oil; it’s about your body response. Your body is not very responsive, so there is simply not enough strength in the body to respond and really the Oil is just like another therapeutic media – it’s the same thing when you’re not responding well to Acupuncture or to Colorpuncture: body doesn’t have enough strength to respond. And very often body’s energy is tying somewhere else in case of Energy Stagnation or simply there is a decline, either very weak inherent energy or decline with the old age; chronic illness; protracted illness – anything which drains body resources. We need to build up our strength again – get in touch if you’re not sure how to do it.” 

This video is a fragment from our February 2023 Cafe Self, Colourpuncture Q&A which was focused around various uses of Oil Relax: as a home ‘First Aid tool, for joint pain and dreamwork– please watch the entire playlist for a better rounded view. Thank you for your great questions and you are invited to join us at our next Cafe Self Q&A with any questions on Colorpuncture, Dreamwork, Journaling and general Questions to the Soul 🙂



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