What is the simplest and quickest way to ease joint pain? In Colourpuncture, we use Oil ‘Relax’ (‘Esogetic Oil’) as a first step. A rich blend of potent anti-inflammatory essential oils do their everyday magic which is so much needed with often debilitating joint pains. Will the Oil Relax help everybody, in every case and 100%?

It depends. In most cases, Oil Relax applied over the painful joint will provide immediate and significant relaxation and pain relief, strong enough to support basic daily mobility. Sometimes a second application may be needed later in the day. We found that Oil ‘Relax’ works best of all in connection with Acupressure or Colourpuncture. Often, part of the problem with joint pain is stagnation: of Phlegm, Heat or Cold in TCM terms and so some form of local stimulation to create movement of Qi and Blood in the area of the joint will be also needed. Acupuncture, Acupressure or Colourpuncture can provide this.

Colourpuncture works very well for joint problems as does Oil Relax. I also find Colorpuncture view on joint problems – pain and mobility restriction – fascinating: we look into a symbolism of the joints,  their intended movement. I used to be sceptical of the idea and yet with simple observation I found it to be very true. While topical application of Oil ‘Relax’ and using the same principle of ‘Joint Rhombus’ – an easy 4-points protocol – as the main self-care Colourpuncture or Acupressure treatment for any joint, intentional focusing on a symbolism of a particular joint affected makes for a great insight as we can then reflect upon it and make helpful lifestyle changes.

If you want to start simple – this is ‘First Aid’ use of Oil Relax – gently and lovingly massage the painful joint with your hands, then apply the Oil Relax over the joint and rub it in with simple nurturing circular movements. You can also create a little local warmth by wrapping the joint in cotton or wool, depending on your preferences.

Next step will be to try ‘Joint Rhombus’ – with Acupressure or Colourpuncture. Please contact me using the form below if you don’t know this treatment. This 4-point Colourpuncture protocol is very effective for joint pain; the principle is the same for any joint including vertebra joints:  we are creating a ‘pot’ – simultaneously easing the inflammation, stagnation and pain in one corner of the Rhombus and improving blood circulation in the rest of the joint. You can use Acupressure or Acupressure followed by Colourpuncture – and Oil Relax.

Most people will have a significant pain relief just by using the Oil and Colourpuncture on the Rhombus; it’s an easy daily self-care which is simple, relaxing, pleasant and only takes 5 min at most. However, if you have more than random, ‘come and go’ joint problems I’d strongly recommend the ‘Joint Pain’ Colorpuncture short workshop as it gives you many more choices of supporting points, treatment principles and so on.

Sometimes, with especially long standing and stubborn joint pains we can delve into an interesting realm of ‘Mental Converters’. ‘Mental Converters’ is a Colorpuncture body treatment for joint pain, a step up from the local ‘Rhombus’. But it is also so much more….we observed some truly amazing effects of Mental Converters on people’s behaviour. It is simple to learn yet strong treatment. It seems like this treatment indeed softens and loosens up some invisible, rigid internal walls and people start experiencing their surroundings, their Self and their Life, differently. If you never experienced ‘Mental Converters’ I’d highly recommend it.

And, if you feel like exploring deeper the idea of overcoming mental rigidity, then 2021 Colourpuncture Update seminar ‘Pre-Existence and Mental Converters’ is a good choice. Apart from extended Mental Converters, it also has a wonderful summary of all most important points of arms and legs we use in Colourpuncture and various options of combining the points become possible. And the ‘Pre-Existence’ part? You can see it as a next step after Prenatals, Bardo and Birth therapy but with an added element of overcoming therapy resistance.



The help with joint pain can be as simple as Oil ‘Relax’ application over the painful joint – and for many instances, it will be. On the other side of the spectrum, Colourpuncture treatments designed to loosen up our ‘rigidity’ – mental, spiritual and ultimately physical such as Mental Converters go deeper into Body Soul Spirit interaction, touching upon our invisible inner walls, rigid internal constructs. 

From my experience, the golden medium for most of us wanting to manage joint pain at home is an everyday use of Oil Relax in combination with the simplest of all joint treatment ‘Joint Rhombus’, an easy daily DIY which makes a big difference with chronic joint pain, including in older age. 

With all joint pain – all joint problems are treated by the same principle, I’d start with the Oil Relax and Acupressure if you don’t have a Perlux set yet – and with Oil Relax, Acupressure and Colorpuncture if you do.

‘Joint Pain’ Colourpuncture Short workshop is a great compilation of easy treatments which can be done with Oil Relax, Acupressure and Colourpuncture most of them easy DIY. With pain in thoracic area of the spine you may need somebody’s help; the rest of the joints are easily accessible for this simple protocol. 

Update 2021 is an interesting development. Even though it’s not specifically designed for join pain but rather for more general ‘mental rigidity’ and ‘things we bring with us’ (‘Pre-existence’), because it is based on Mental Converters and is such as high order therapy, this is something to try for all these indications.

This video is a fragment of our February 2023 Cafe Self, Colourpuncture Q&A which was focused around various uses of Oil Relax – please watch the entire playlist (more videos to be added soon) for a better rounded view. Any questions, please reach out using the form below.



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