“What to do if you feel that you helped the person with a problem they came with but the person asks for more? Can you treat them with Colourpuncture for example once a month as a maintenance?” 

There are two main stages in successful natural healing: a breakthrough stage and a maintenance stage. The maintenance itself depends on the nature/level of the problem: functional or chronic/inherited. In Colourpuncture language, it depends whether we are on the Endocrine level (functional disturbances; stress related ‘come and go’ problems; IBS; period related problems in women), Toxic-Lymphatic level (tendency to frequent or/and severe acute diseases or presence of silent but damaging ‘sub-threshold’ inflammation) or Degenerative level (manifest diseases; accumulated unresolvable inner conflicts; internal rigidity; stagnation of Qi & Blood in TCM terms). The stage of development of our health problem has a lot to do with how long it took to develop – and so how long it will take us to unravel things back to the origin. 

We need to physically move to keep our body healthy and happy – and in the same way our Qi needs to be flowing freely and be balanced within Acupuncture meridians so some kind of regular ‘exercise’ is needed. In Acupuncture world, it’s a once a month check in/top up which mostly involves ‘reminding’ the body how to function at its best by repetition (with some little variations to cover for current state) of successful treatment protocol which we used during the breakthrough stage to reinforce and maintain what was achieved then. Generally, our bodies thrive on rhythms, regularity and predictability  – this goes both for a therapy process and our DIY lifestyle supportive changes.


DIY some of the maintenance

A common cold (we talked a lot about colds here), functional digestion issues or stress related headaches/backaches can and should be a DIY maintenance. This is also often the level of ‘external pathogens invasion’ according to TCM on a background of stress/tiredness/low energy. We can do simple things such as to 1) become aware of ‘pathogens’/conditions which can provoke the onset of a problem such as ‘cold’/’heat’/’damp’/’wind’/stress/tiredness; 2) become vigilant to the first signs of a problem developing so when/if they do appear we can take simple actions including Acupressure and 3) remember our inherited and acquired individual weaknesses – so simple habits/lifestyle changes we are talking about.

In case of common cold… some simple Acupressure massage of your LI4 and Lu7; some steam inhalations and warm water foot baths (check for any contraindications you may have); plenty of good fluids, rest and sleep will help to stop or shorten the cold.

PMT…after an initial successful series of Colourpuncture treatments, a simple DIY maintenance can be learnt and practiced: stress – managed; diet – adjusted; simple Acupressure points (Li3; Ki3; Sp6 – Sp is contraindicated during pregnancy) self treated with Acupressure or Colorpuncture, and some little more rest taken during the week leading up to a period, and the PMT can quickly become a thing of the past. 

IBS can be approached in a similar way and so can be many more otherwise very uncomfortable and unpleasant common ailments. 

Please note that we are not talking about DIY-ing of serious or complex health problems: this will be not just unsuccessful, but can be downright dangerous. For this you will need to get medical help – preferably from an integrative medicine doctor. 

I think a big part of a therapist role is to educate and empower our patients enough on how to easily and confidently maximise their DIY work so they get to know their body weaknesses and become ready to support themselves when needed. I feel we have so much more of a complex work to offer during our Colourpuncture sessions: support people on their conflict resolution journeys; in their reconnection of all part of their Self; in uncovering potential secondary gains which can really sabotage the healing process; in clarifying their organic contribution to the world – and so much more which Colourpuncture, enhanced and taken further with Dreamwork and Journaling can help them to achieve.

Here is the video transcript 🙂

“In all therapies there is a general premise that once you are completely, successfully through the ‘Breakthrough’ stage of the treatment of a disease or a problem or an addiction, there comes the ‘Maintenance’ stage. We help the body to heal; body gets used to this level of support and then suddenly we withdraw this support. And sometimes, because the body is ‘reminded’ how to function properly, the body happily goes along with that. Sometimes, this is not enough and so sometimes especially when we go more from an Endocrine functional disturbances to more Toxic-Lymphatic diseases or Degenerative diseases or tendency to stagnation or tendency to chronicity in diseases, then in this situation we need to provide some sort of maintenance. In Acupuncture, after an initial period of healing definitely they need to come every month to receive Acupuncture and it will be more or less a summary of what they received before plus any current little complaints and pains and aches. By doing this you can actually avoid problems in the future. Because often what we feel like – we received this amazing healing, we are feeling that we are totally, totally on the top of the world and everything is resolved ‘once and for all’. And we forget about our predispositions, family tendencies…. and we feel like ‘this will never happen again!’. And then we don’t receive the therapy – be that Acupuncture or Colorpuncture – for a really really long time. Somewhere…. maybe in one year, in two years time but things can start coming back again – maybe not as bad. In the case of Colourpuncture definitely I observed that things never come back as bad as they were – ever, because once you heal something with Colorpuncture, you tapped into a really profound level of energy-information. This is different from Acupuncture. Acupuncture acts quicker but it’s less sustainable from what I can observe – because I do both techniques and sometimes it’s the same people I do Acupuncture and Colorpuncture for and sometimes it’s different people; and I’m using both techniques myself, I receive needles and I receive Colourpuncture. And it’s not only my experiences – I have several students, Colorpuncture students who are also Acupuncture therapists – they observed absolutely the same thing: Acupuncture quicker but less sustainable, Colorpuncture works slower but it’s much, much more sustainable. Still, even with Colourpuncture you need to create this maintenance. For example, you have somebody who doesn’t have any physical symptoms – or maybe they have (some). Let’s say here is a lady and she has a PMT (pre-period tension): mood swings but also some kind of physical symptoms – probably breast tenderness or pain in the lower belly, pain in the lower back. If this is a purely endocrine level of functioning; if this is stress related; if this is something that comes depending on the situation in the person’s life – then chances are that you do several endocrine treatments, you work with the person say for several months and then the problem goes; and it goes pretty much forever. They might/might not need to ‘top up’ depending on what is happening on the level of their Soul; on the level of their psyche. So for example, if there was a problem which led to this physiological imbalance on an endocrine level – on the level of an internal conflict – and you resolve this problem with other treatments for example Prenatals, Conflict Resolution then pretty much what we did with it was: we removed what is called ‘a favourite poison’. Favourite Poison is an expression which refers to our main pattern – embedded pattern which runs our life. If we resolve this with the Conflict Resolution therapy and we did some Endocrine treatments directed to a resolution of this particular problem – so for example IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) can be resolved this way; PMT (premenstrual tension) can get resolved this way; situations like these which are functional in nature – if we did a physiological treatment on a level of the system (digestive; hormonal) itself plus we did some Conflict Resolution if the situation was more chronic with Prenatals or Conflict Resolution (we have the whole family of Conflict Resolution treatments) and so the person became aware of their main pattern and they can really look into this pattern and change some daily behaviour – then pretty much this is it. They might not need further maintenance. When I just started my (Colourpuncture) practice, I only knew a very limited amount of Colorpuncture treatments. I got the training from a different organisation which was beautiful in its own right – but in terms of Colorpuncture treatments there was a certain amount of treatments. So I didn’t know back then as many treatments that I have now with all these advanced treatments and all these (Colorpuncture) Update seminars we do every year. But with my first patients we successfully went through the same thing: the presenting physiological or physical complaint was different; they received several ‘endocrine’ sessions; they got a set of ‘Prenatals’ – and that was it. They moved on somewhere – and I could feel it because they started doing things differently in their life: they started to adjust their habits; they started looking into their relationship differently; they started to dress differently. For example, somebody who couldn’t keep an eye contact – they started keeping eye contact. So it was obvious that something really got integrated at some level. In these situations they might not need maintenance – or I would still say that it’s a good practice at least twice a year if they come to the Clinic and you give them some treatment. This will be ideal because just life happens! I think we all need some helping hand every now and again. This is concerning ‘endocrine stage’ (Endocrine Basic Pattern of Colorpuncture). If you’ve got somebody with ‘toxic stage’ – toxic-lymphatic (Toxic Basic Pattern of Colorpuncture) when there is a tendency to get acute illnesses of any kind: respiratory illnesses; cystitis; gastritis; any ‘- itis’ sort of diseases; or energy stagnation/blood stagnation; more Degenerative Pattern (of Colorpuncture) then obviously we are talking about something completely different. They need more support on the level of the body itself. So they need more Acupuncture based Colorpuncture treatments; Acupressure massage before you do Colourpuncture; they might need piezoelectric stimulation of the points or needles or whatever you can use to ‘wake up’ the point when you do Colourpuncture. They might need different approach because this is a different stage of development. In this case the disease took longer to develop. This imbalance – caused in case of a psychosomatic disease by some kind of an internal conflict – we are further away from the root of this disease. So the history is longer and so we need to unravel a much longer situation. And then for example if there is any weakness – any inborn weakness – you might need some more maintenance, just because you’re affected more on a body level. So here it’s not relevant if you have psychological problems, emotional problems or you don’t – because body is affected. Consider that as you go and exercise: you exercise really really diligently – go to a gym or you go to the park and run – for like a month and you feel like you’ve done something really really well; and then for three months you do nothing. Now the body isn’t going to appreciate that. Because on the body level we need to move; the same goes for our Acupuncture pathways: if there is a certain weakness of a certain pathway (Acupuncture meridian) so for example people tend to get respiratory diseases – they really need to spend some longer initial time with Colourpuncture to heal it; and at some level they need to be also mindful of first signs of diseases. In case of respiratory diseases for example on a practical level you just need to be able to catch the first stages of cold for example. Plus you need to detect in time your stresses and your tiredness levels which can lead to this transition from ‘endocrine’ to ‘toxic’ pattern and then if you do all that, you might not need that heavy maintenance if this is a simple level of what is called in Acupuncture ‘external pathogen invasion’. But for situations more chronic for situation for example when there is a sub-threshold inflammation of an unknown origin: something is going on but you can’t quite pinpoint it or there was some disease for example some quite heavy toxic-lymphatic disease in the past which was suppressed with antibiotics or suppressed with surgery – then you might need longer and so in all those cases of bodily involvement your maintenance will be longer and more frequent.”

This is a fragment from our October 2021 Colourpuncture Q&A – thank you for your great questions! If you feel you have further questions please get in touch using the form below, I’m happy to help 🙂



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