Healing crisis is an important theme in any Natural health system: crucial to get right and often misunderstood. Luckily in Colourpuncture, we have a simple way to support our Body and Soul to minimise or altogether avoid a healing crisis. Healing crisis is a signal that a serious or/and long-term stagnation starts to move; the ill-balance starts to loosen, opening the path for a Body and Soul to create a new, healthier, happier balance.

Healing crisis is traditionally viewed as anything from necessary and unavoidable step to the one to be feared of (in which case the whole idea of natural healing may get questioned from the very start).
Broadly speaking, we can react to strong treatments which are designed to move massive or/and long standing stagnation in two ways: through the body or on an emotional/psychological level. Both are equally important – and possible – to get right in Colourpuncture.


In all natural health traditions we make sure that before a major detoxification attempt, our channels of elimination are clear. Otherwise, an increased load of toxins (dislodging the long held toxins into general circulation in addition to everyday normal metabolic detoxification) can temporarily create more harm than good by simple overloading the system. For example, if we are going to go for a Liver detox, we first make sure that supporting elimination organs (such as large intestine in this case) are ready to deal with extra work – so we support/cleanse the large intestine first.
Colourpuncture’s answer to a healing crisis is Toxic- Lymphatic therapies, with the first point of call often being Elimination/detoxification treatment. When we do the whole Elimination/Detoxification protocol (Part 3 Prof, ‘Toxic-Lymphatic’ module), we support all the major elimination organ systems and pathways so we proactively mitigate any potential reactions. If you have to choose because for some reason you can’t do all the points, this should be a problem: just use the points specific to your general constitution (if you consistently react in the Fire element then use Li/GB points; if you react more in Metal element use the Lung/LI points and so on) or according to which system you presently react in to a particular treatment.

Body-Soul connection

If you react with cystitis on a physical level or/and with fear on emotional, then you need to do Kidneys/Bladder points (Water Element).
Retromolar treatment rhythms or ‘prep’: for Ht or Ki/Ht connection
To support Conflict Resolution or/and immune system (especially in long-standing problems), use GB25 (centres of one of the Transmitter Relays)
Heart – especially with a strong, acute emotional reaction – Rose colour on little fingers will provide a much needed quick shortcut to rebalancing.


Choosing the colour in Colourpuncture

If you consider a treatment which calls for a choice of colour then Yellow will be a good overall option as an elimination colour for the Body and Dark (spectral) Turquoise will be a good option for the Soul (such as in ‘Lymphatic Reset’ or ‘Melancholy’ treatment).
For GB25 for example, if you want to use this pair for Lymphatic support – use Yellow/Violet, for Ki/Bl use Red/Green and so on.

When despite our best efforts a healing crisis does happen, we can support our Body or Soul with other Colourpuncture treatments or take it further with Soul feeding Cafe Self tools such as Dreamwork or Journalling.

This is a fragment from Cafe Self, Colourpuncture Q&A – thank you for your great questions! Any details, please get in touch using the form below 🙂

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