Ultraviolet Light relates to a principle of Information – reaching dimensions which other wavelengths don’t reach. We use it for problems and diseases with (deep!) ancestry roots, obscure symptoms, therapy resistance cases and so on.

This video is a Part 1 of our answer from November Colourpuncture Q&A: “How to use Ultraviolet light in Colourpuncture?”. Next we will talk about how to use Ultraviolet light for General Lymph Drainage, a traditional Chinese Medicine microsystem of ’12 Points around the Ear’, ‘Butterfly of Metamorphosis’, various Information barrier treatments for Therapy Resistance, and OGT (Ophtalmic Genetic Therapy by Peter Mandel).

On the visible spectrum, Ultraviolet is next to Violet colour and on the opposite end is InfraRed, next to Red.

Here is video transcript:

“First of all I would like to remind about a position of Ultraviolet Light. So what we have is Ultraviolet Light we have our visible spectrum, from Red all the way to Violet: visible spectrum. And Ultraviolet Light is on the border between light between the Violet and and other wavelengths which which lie this side of the spectrum. And on the other side, just for reference, we have Infrared Light which is next to Red but again it extends to the opposite side of the spectrum. So in a way when we talk about Ultraviolet we also need to keep in mind Infrared because it will give us a better perspective of which level we are working on. So if you remember from Colourpuncture, we have this triangle: we have Information-Energy-Matter. And Ultraviolet Light relates to a principle of Information as opposite to the Infrared Light which relates to a principle of matter. Now, how does it translate? So, the Infrared light we use for the body problems; for the pain. Absolutely pain you know this is primary application of Infrared light. And Ultraviolet is more reaching a spiritual dimension, reaching those very obscure, very vague but very important realms where we must go sometimes – or very often, depending on the patient – if the situation is not clear; f you did a lot of spectral light, you probably did some Soul-Spirit colours; we even probably did the Greys but something is still not resolving. Sometimes there is a known history, family history or that you know there is something that you feel ‘pulling’ the patients somewhere you don’t quite understand where; situation is very obscure, very unclear and this is another application of Ultraviolet Light. So I feel this gives perspective. Talking about Endocrine basic pattern, Toxic basic pattern and Degenerative basic pattern – you remember that all diseases start with on a level of functional disturbances in the body which is Endocrine level; which is the level of Information and which is level of the Spirit. And then if this is not addressed, if there is continuous stress and continuous functional disturbance – very often connected to stress – then we go into Toxic basic patters. So body is under so much pressure that the pressure has to be released somehow and very often we have an acute situation which corresponds to the Toxic pattern; it corresponds to Energy principle and it corresponds to the Soul. And if that gets unaddressed for a really really long time then we can go further into the Degenerative basic pattern – which is an end point of a disease development. Not necessarily you are having tissue destroying diseases although you might have but sometimes this is just massive stagnation of Qi and Blood and then basically from this point we can easily develop any disease fairly quickly. So a Degenerative level is a level of Matter and is a level of the Body. So just keeping that in mind and when we’re talking about Ultraviolet light, it really vibrates more each in tune with Endocrine basic pattern and so the Spirit and so Information.”

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