Have you ever wondered how to naturally to move from one stage of life to another? The way butterflies do?? When we think of a butterfly we usually visualise a butterfly in its final stage – a full colourful glory. We usually don’t see the intermediate stages, they are hidden somewhat – or not that eye catching.

Sure, butterfly have their secrets of the process. For any student of Colourpuncture however, there is a simple treatment which gives profound result and it used – apart from more therapeutic indications – as a ‘reset’ of a kind for major life’s transitions.

Here’s the video transcript:

“There are several classic – absolutely classic – treatments with Ultraviolet light and I’m going to mention the names of the treatments and if you know the names you can just go ahead and use the treatment. The question was about application of Ultraviolet light on the face so the face and the head, and I take it that basically you’re interested in application of Ultraviolet on accessible parts of the body without the need to undress the patient so I will include other other accessible parts as well such as hands. So the classic – and probably the most impactful – treatment with Ultraviolet light is called “Butterfly of Metamorphosis” and there are two ‘butterfly’ figures on the face. One is done with UV and another one is done with IR. And this is basically a treatment for ‘death and rebirth’. And this is this is huge and this is really really impactful treatment in terms of totally reviewing life situation; totally reviewing your Self at present moment of time. It’s very good for completions. Well, obviously it’s very good for dying people for to prepare them for death so death is peaceful and content. But in the same way it goes for any major life transitions: think of metamorphosis, think of a butterfly – so hence the name. Now if you have a UV pen but you don’t have an IR pen, it is still possible to use a butterfly because then you can use you can use Light Turquoise colour, Soul Spirit Light Turquoise, instead of IR. By the same token if you happen to have an IR pen but you don’t have UV, then instead of UV you can use Rose light. So consequently if you don’t have IR or you don’t have UV but you have Soul Spirit colours you can do the Butterfly in Rose instead of UV and Light Turquoise instead of IR.”

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