When we are in the middle of a life’s whirlwind, we tend to focus on our survival…rarely do we have enough courage, curiously and detachment to take a deep long breath, look around and see what we found ourselves in the middle of…

However, things happen for a reason and while the ‘tornado’ stage of life is rarely pleasant, it is rich in both incredible insights and potential opportunities. During a major life’s crisis everything truly important comes into a sharp focus – giving us a one-off chance to boldly reconsider our personal values, our life’s direction to align with our innermost Self needs.

Here is the video transcript 🙂

“As for the ‘Tornado’ itself, make your tornado map! Just close your eyes and imagine: there is a map. There is you know there is a structure to this ‘tornado’. And try to imagine it in details; try to draw it… Here we operate purely on a level of images. Don’t worry about logic. Don’t worry about things making sense. In fact, chances are: they will not make any ‘sense’. But again, because you’re so ‘translucent’ in this moment of time; you’re so receptive to images which your own subconscious is giving you – trying to help you – then you can come up with something which you otherwise wouldn’t get – by any other means. No logic, no journaling, no therapy will give you that! You need to just ‘tune in’ and imagine and just just operate basically on the level of images here. Say ‘thank you’ to a ‘tornado’; acknowledge the existence of a ‘tornado’. Just acknowledge that you are in the middle of the ‘tornado’. You got there somehow – the Universe gave you this ‘tornado’; you in collaboration with the Universe created this tornado for yourself for whatever reasons; and I know that when you’re in the middle of it, it’s not well it doesn’t feel like fun you know. You don’t feel this way, but trust that this is somehow co-created. And when you’re out of the whole situation, you will see how you co-created it. There are of course lots of questions about ‘why am I in this ‘tornado’?’ And I would rephrase the ‘why?’ into ‘what for?’ In your particular case – for what I know about you – you’re going to establish your Natural Health Therapy practice; you’re going to heal people; you’re going to assist people on their spiritual path, their Soul learning, their body healing. This is a huge role! You need to be able to hold the space for other people. You need to make yourself, your energy field really really big, really really abundant and then you would be able to hold the space for people. So possibly – quite possibly – this ‘tornado’ only exists for you to develop this depth of character needed to assist people on their really really deep healing journeys.”

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