Dear Friends, happy magical time of year! Here is a Question to the Soul for you to conclude this season of reflections, celebrations and making plans for the future: where is your energy? Where is it going throughout the day – and during the night, in your night dreams?

During the day, we usually ‘know’ what we are doing and where our focus, time and energy goes. OK, we think we know….however, until you try logging in your time in your journal as you go about your daily activities, you never know for sure how much time, what proportion of your time and energy goes to each particular task, a group of tasks, or areas of activity. Try logging in your time for at least a couple of weeks, or better still a couple of months – especially if your activities differ say from winter to summer. You will be amazed. 

I tried logging in my time this year – always wanted to, read about it and found it interesting but somehow never came to actually doing it until 2023. The idea seemed fascinating but also boring and tedious. It turned out to be much easier – and way more insightful – than I expected. Now I know exactly how much time (focus/energy) I spend a day (on average) on working, walking, cooking etc etc. This gave me some food for thought on how I can improve – so more time, in the most productive time of the day is dedicated to my most important activities/goals/needs/wishes/responsibilities. I ‘knew’ my timings, it seemed obvious – but looking at it written down every day or so for a month created a turning point for having a better grasp on reality and so potentially taking a better control of what I’m doing when it depends on me only. Now I feel I know better where my energy goes – and yet I feel it’s just a beginning of my awareness path; there is more to find out, to question and to figure out how to do better. 

Why this is important to know? In everything we do, with everybody we meet, we extend our energy towards this person or activity, we ‘attach’ a part of our soul to it, we share our energy field with someone or something; our time; our day – and our life. Repeated on a consistent basis this shapes what our life is about…and yet often we are not quite sure ‘where time (energy) goes’ – and most importantly, why it goes there. 

More so, sometimes this repeat pathway, the usual energy movement tends to stick, forming a habit and then it becomes easier to do this than something else which may be more needed as we evolve and our life goes on. Instead, we automatically send our energy somewhere and it gets tied in; and then our energy is not available to us fully. 

Night dreams….what is our dream territory looks like, what is our ‘dreamscape’? What kind of beings, symbols populate our dreams? What is the feeling of the terrain? Try noting down your dreams over some time to figure out your dream themes – this gives you a direct window into your fears and hopes, obstacles and aspirations and ultimately, into your deep needs. Intentional dreaming and dreamwork is one of the best forms of true self-care I found, alongside with Colourpuncture and Journaling. It doesn’t matter if you are a total beginner or a pro in any of these areas – your intent to be present with yourself, to be interested in yourself and interested your life is what matters. 

So…..your energy wakes up with you; it goes to bed with you – we are usually aware of ourselves at these two points in our day as we tend to stop for a little while here, between sleep and awake. In between these two points, where is your energy? 

Use this video/article as your journaling prompts: where is your energy now; why it goes there – and where you would like it to go in the future?

This question can make for an insightful soul-searching over this magical time around Winter Solstice, the change of years and your winter holidays. Some time to yourself and a simplest form of journaling – stream of consciousness writing is all you need to reach clarity on your energy’s whereabouts.    

This video fragment is a follow up on Colourpuncture for Addictions question and what we learn in Colorpuncture Addictions seminar but it goes much farther than the issue of addictions. Addictions seminar is a very rich, very intense material with plenty of treatments to choose from. The suggestions here is some food for thoughts in general on our health and lifestyle – and a good material as journaling prompts – questions to the soul. Understanding our energy is important: this is our life, our light, our vitality, our identity and our life’s force. In order to live intentionally we need to know where we invest our energy daily – after all our entire life consists of days and nights; our points of focus, our playing field and areas of application of our energy. 

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Here is the video transcript:

“On a level of processing, ‘digestion’ and integration (Colourpuncture), I would like you to focus on a question. It comes back to this idea of ‘somewhere’ and also to the prenatal space. We talked about energy being somewhere and not with ourselves – not with ourselves or not grounded in our immediate reality, in our immediate environment; not with you – ‘somewhere’. So I would like you to pause for a second, maybe even close your eyes and ask yourself a question. Imagine that there is a big, big sort of field of your energy – doesn’t matter how you look at it. I have difficulty visualising it but some people perfectly see it. But there is obviously we all feel that there is such a thing as energy or Qi or whatever you call it: this is our focus; this is where our mind is; this is our presence. So talking about our energy… now imagine that this energy of yours – close your eyes, ask yourself a question (taking a nice deep breath breathing into your tummy and all that): where is the main part of your energy tied up? Because when we are talking about somewhere it’s not with us it’s somewhere, it’s important to actually understand where this energy is. If you work too much maybe this is with your job, your profession – you’re very much invested into advancing in your profession. If you are a creator then you’re – it’s more sort of individual rather than some kind of structure – but your energy is given a lot to your creations; you give a lot of energy away. You create: you take some invisible some ideas from some invisible realms and through your hands or through your words you transform it and you give it to people – so you basically create; your energy is in your creations. Maybe your energy is with the family. If your energy is with the family, now think about where it is in the family? Is it with your spouse? Is it with the most ‘difficult’ family member: the weak one; the youngest one; the troublesome one; the one who is just very very different from you – is it with this person? Or is your energy with the most successful family member? This could be another thing… Your energy could be somewhere in your kitchen: you cook a lot. It could be in your cleaning and then it is in your immediate environment but it’s not quite available for you because you see your immediate environment as something which needs to be ‘fixed’. It’s not like you are grounded in your immediate environment – this is your field of action: you clean your immediate environment, you organise it all the time, you improve it all the time and this is more of this rather than ‘I’m here and now; and I am in my body; I’m in my room; I’m in my house; I am in this particular village, town, city, country… this is where I am’. Regardless if it’s tidy or not -obviously it helps when it’s tidy and organised and beautiful but I think you know what I mean. Are you firmly here or are you invested in this Improvement of immediate environment? Your energy could be with your pet: with your cat, with your dog, with other pet. Your energy could be in your gardening… how many people do you know who escape to gardening, escape to the allotment plot, to back garden or whatever and just spend time with the plants? Because think about it… now I need to stop here because I love gardening…. because when you’re gardening you can actually see the results of your actions! You plant something; chances are: it will grow. Even if it doesn’t you plant another seed; you plant another plant -something will grow. It won’t argue with you; it won’t create you difficulties; all you do – you purely caring for it and it grows. And this is why it’s so healing. I really recommend gardening for somebody who is in a big trouble with mental health – especially when something is going on for you which is so much outside of your control: some big thing in the family or some big thing in a collective. When you are connected with gardening, there is another side of it: you are connected with nature and nature heals; nature heals by just its presence. You are making some input obviously with the gardening, you’re doing something actively but you’re still in close communication with nature: just you and nature. You observe nature and this is really really healing. Same goes for walks in nature obviously if we’re talking about healing. But coming back to the energy question – where is your energy? Where is the main part of your energy? What you can do: you can close your eyes and imagine your energy through the day or through the week doesn’t matter or through the year. Imagine how your energy goes; where does it go? Your energy wakes up with you; it goes to bed with you – in between those two points, where is your energy? Again, what kind of dreams you are getting? Is your energy with you when you sleep or you are constantly ‘somewhere’ in your dreams: in some challenging environment; in other countries; exploring – where are you in your dreams? So…. where is your energy? And if it’s somewhere, if it’s not with you then you need to analyse – why? Why you’re investing your energy there? Because if we are investing our energy somewhere there should be some secondary gains; there should be some really really deep needs. This answers – this is why we doing it. If this is a challenging family member obviously our impulse is to help them but also to maintain some peace within ourselves because obviously this prevents peace within the family, within ourselves and for this person. If this is the successful family member – are we successful on our own, enough – or do we need to be with somebody and just connect to their glory? These are really really valid questions and there’s no judgment; no right or wrong – we just need to observe. So… where is your energy?”


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