What do you focus on during your Colourpuncture session – especially if you are just starting in Colourpuncture or/and new to practicing a wholistic therapy? While there are many things we naturally focus on (getting our Acupuncture points’s locations right…making sure the patient is comfortable etc), there is a simple answer concerning what we need to intentionally focus on: we need to observe how our patient is reacting to our Colorpuntcure treatment. Reactions can range from some little involuntary muscle contractions and changing in breathing rate to verbal comments, emotional release, spontaneous recollection of memories, and more.

Here is the video transcript:

“On the (Colourpuncture) session itself – so for example: this is your first session, you run your diagnostic, you’ve chosen your treatment and you start treating the person – the main thing here I would focus on is to observe their reactions. Not necessarily you need to talk to them – and especially not necessarily to talk to them all the time! And there are some schools of Colourpuncture which advocate constant engaging with the patient and asking some questions. And this is a kind of conversational hypnosis – and this totally works. I’ve done it, I had really beautiful results. However, this might not be for every patient; this might not be for every therapist – you need to be specially trained to do this – and this might not be for any situation. Because sometimes for example you put on the light and person is really really really relaxed and you can feel it – you can see those muscles you know contracting in a particular way; you can feel their eyes closed and you can see some little movements beneath the eyelids. You can tell that they’re really really deeply relaxed. So in this situation I wouldn’t ask any questions because basically, ‘body knows better’ – body is already receiving therapy and you just ‘hold the space’. You’re holding the space, you’re doing your Colorpuncture and you observe. What is important when you observe these reactions basically well surely they can say something; they can comment ‘Oh, this is pleasant; this is unpleasant; this is neutral’. By the way don’t forget: if they mention that something is unpleasant, you stop treating this point and you move to the next point or in some situations you can choose a complementary colour. For example, you are treating them with Orange and this is ‘too much’ – you switch to Blue; or vice versa. Then of course you observe the muscle reactions, you observe their facial expression. And sometimes you can tell a lot just by observing the person. Sometimes they give the reactions in certain areas which are significant for Acupuncture or Colourpuncture or other therapy which works on a principle of Reflex Zone. This way you can really choose your further treatment strategy because basically they will tell you what the problem is. They will say something: “Oh, you know my lower back suddenly hurts” or “I feel some tension in my temples” or something like that. And based on that you can lead them further on the next session. This is something you need to write down and this is something that you need to take into account on your next (Colorpuncture) meeting.”

A little observation of ‘Body Signals’ during your Colorpuncture session goes a long way to find a clue to a real problem.

  • ‘I’m feeling some low back ache….’ – could be a clue for Kidney/Bladder imbalance or/and a related emotion of Fear
  • ‘I’m feeling some tension in my temples…’ – while this may be a Gall Bladder indication in Acupuncture, in Colourpuncture we also think of Prenatal time, especially Birth itself.

A reaction in any body location: Reflex Zone, Dream Zone, a particle Joint/vertebra or an Acupuncture point will hold a clue to an underlying problem.

If you are not sure what a particular location may be a clue for, ask me!

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