How accurate is your self image? Do you get “you are being too direct (reserved/quiet/weak/forceful)” response from people close to you which surprises you as this is not how you intend to come across?  Communication is a central part of intentional relationships in our life. Our awareness of communication styles and perception filters combined with a practical art of asking soulful questions goes through an ultimate reality check when we see how others see us…..

On October 2022 Cafe Self Q&A we focused on a situation at an early stage of a relationship where one person has difficulty ‘opening up’ for deep communication and another has an issue of trust; both parties had negative past experience with relationships.beautiful young flower of what can develop into a great soul feeding relationship is at its most vulnerable at this stage as the energy signature of future communication, relating, cooperating, trust, love and a life long mutual support are being shaped in the early days. However, all these good practices of relating are also totally valid at any stage of our relationship and especially when we feel that we know our partner; we both settled into some relationship routine and we start taking each other for granted… Please watch the entire playlist for insights and practical ideas on how to nurture your relationship and learn a lot about yourself in a process.

This is a fragment from our October 2022 Cafe Self Q&A – thank you for your great questions! Please feel free to connect if you have further questions using the form below, I’m happy to help 🙂

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